Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Whole New Year

#cotd 1 Outfit to an event at Paragon Mall.
Loving the effect of the sunlight shines from the windows behind me. Ain't I look chio? :P

Yo, pretties and handsome! How have you been?
My 3 weeks semester break just ended. Year 1 officially ended. I really enjoyed myself to the fullest back in Penang. As usual, I went out nearly everyday during the 3 weeks break :P. Although car broke down in the middle of my sem break, glad that I have awesome friends that pamper me and brought me out to satisfy my craving, to movies, to gym then swim and to round Penang Island just for fun *and waste petrol*. Not to forget my family that will bring me all the way to balik pulau just for laksa and try their best to bring me to get good food, my dear brother that willing to share car with me or drop me to where I wanna go, and my sister that allows me to annoy her then became my photographer. :D

I wanted to update my blog at least once a week, but sadly the Internet was down from the second week of my sem break. The whole area's house phone wasn't working too :(. I managed to survive through life without Internet for one week plus, watched all 5 Final Destination, finished 2 Chinese novels, 1 English book and spent an evening to prepare Spaghetti for my family. Quite productive isn't it? :D

#cotd 2

Semester breaks ended, I am now a Year 2 student. I was quite happy that I passed all my subjects for last semester, initially I thought I will fail 2 subjects. Oh well, I blame myself for slacking too much last semester. I was too playful. I played games, daydream, talk in class. I didn't do my tutorial question and did very last minute revision before final. So, I ended up kind of went blank during exam :/. It's my fault. Camy, please put more effort and concentrate in your following semesters!!!

#cotd 3 思念是一种病

Photos above credit to my lovely little cute sister that willing to let me be her model *behpaiseh* hahaha.
stay tune! More posts updating soon. :D

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Unknown said...

Your sister has potential to be photographer! I like the first and second photo!

Good luck, next time come back Penang jio me, I also want to bring you go makan lolol!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Good luck for your upcoming semester (:

Mindy Fan said...

you look so pretty in your photos and your sister is a great photographer!
Congrats on year 1 ending and passing all your subjects!!

cindy said...

so chio screen crack adi la!!hehhe

Nicole Yie said...

Nice #cotd's! Haha. And good luck for your new year babe!

Henry Tan said...

hello year 2 student! all the best ya! 4.0 ya! hahaha

Unknown said...

I don't know if I could still survive without the internet these days lol. Btw, all the best Year 2 student! :D Who knows if I might meet you in Kampar first someday instead of in our hometown ;)

BeautyDrugs said...

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Camy said...

Kharn Yee, hahaha exactlyyy, she say thanks tho :P. weeee got ppl want bring me go makan!
Hilda, thankss :D
Mindy, awww, thanks so much! yeaa, agreee with u! :D
Cindy, waaa, faster bring go servicee!
Nicole, thanksss :P
Henry, waaa. 4.0 is u la. :P
Racheal, exactly, i dont know how did i survive too! thanks! :D. anyway, i no longer study in kampar dy my dear, am in sg long.
Hina, thanks for following! :D

Unknown said...

hahahaha ur sister so cute ah
she really can snap well lo! i like the first shot the most
and wahh, watch all 5 final destinations .__. i'm also a gore fan haha

Camy said...

AnnTan, hahaha exactly, thanks to her :P.hahah should watch back :P