Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Presentation!

Last week i had my first Presentation in my life. it's all about economics in Macau and Indonesia. i bet you wonldn't be interested to know about it :P
The next day had my Critical thinking presentation, and we talked about "Where are our manners??"

and guess what? Malaysia is at the bottom of the list of Least Courteous Cities at number 34 out of 36 major cities.
agree with it? there are people that bang me and left without saying sorry, instead, gave me a stare. Just ignore when others need help. haiz. people nowadays....

vain time!
time to intro those that close to me in class!
Xiao Han! oh my very cute tutorial-mate! my first tutorial friend! another Penang-lang :P
my first time wearing formal too! >.< too formal for casual people like me la. me no likey :X

my gang in the class! :D
was super nervous before presentation as i have stage fright! thanks to them that support me! :D
nice experience tho.

Xiao Han, Chiao lyn, June, Winnie, our cute lecturer, Suki, Sally and the blogger
she claimed that we look more like lecturer and she is a student :X


Henry Tan said...

hoho! im interested in economics in indonesia. since they are one of the upcoming rising nation. =p

lol i dislike formal wearing too! high5!

LuPorTi said...

Haha. Similar to Henry, I am interested in economy in Indonesia. Haha.

Anne Lee said...

I don't have this subject back in my foundation. new syllabus...

missyblurkit said...

i don;t like formal wear. love it when i can go casual. am glad now that I am out on my own I get to dress casual unless I have a major presentation.

Xue Ren said...

congratz on finishing ur first presentation camy! keep up your hard work! :)

Camy said...

Henry, LuPorTi, hahahah it was 10 years back storyy :P
Anne, really??? goshh. so not nice :X
missyblurkit, same sameeeee! :P. omg so cool! just simple and nice
Xue Ren, thankssss :P