Thursday, August 30, 2012

When I was a Baby!

let photos do the talking :)
viewing through my mom's phone and i found numbers of my baby photos!
i miss when i was young, no worries, no trouble..
i miss how cute i was. *perasan :P*

oh spot that chut chut tao! :P

photo in ferry :)
yes, i have a brother. 
that's why i do all those boyish thing and act like a boy!

 oh how handsome i was. B)

i have no idea that my bro used to so sayang me :P.

looks like little couple right? :3

and when he gone evil. *oh spot where are his legs*

cause we were so cuteeee :P

and there he goes again.
i look like his human toy. O.o

i got no idea what we were doing. dance maybe? :)

and the third little monkey came out when i was 3 :).
super naughty and used to bully me till i got no idea what to do instead of i bully her. O.o

oh wink wink ;D

i told you i was cute! wthhh LOL

if you can spot me on that super huge super bike :P
i was so small! 

and now look like this. *trying to act as cute as last time. failed.. piang*

random update! final next week! oh i cant wait to be back to penang after Final!


Emily said...

ahhh memories! you looked super cute btw! ;)

Henry Lee said...

awwww baby camy so cute! :D

Henry Tan said...

awwww so cuteeee!!!

Camy said...

Emily, hehe thankssss! :D
Henry, hehehe cute right *thick face*
Henry, thanks

FurFer said...

Cute lehhhhh... And the eyes omg. so round and big <3

Camy said...

Fer Haru, thankssss hehehehe