Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Singapore Trip - Part 1

16.2.2012 - 22.2.2012
Had an awesome 2 person Singapore trip with my dearie, Jodene.
wish to have such a trip very long ago, get disappointed cause i thought we both get 1st batch for National Service but end up my dream came true :D.
Daddy sponsored flight ticket and my aunt allowed me to overnight at her place for the whole week. *yes, cut down lots of my spending. :P*

it's my first time go on airplane! yes, i'm a sua-ba*in hokkien*. 18th now and it's my first time nia.....

first timer sure being sampat and snap photos on plane right?? :P

yay! finally i get to fly! :P *i this shot*

put our luggage then started the our tour in Singapore. :P
Clarke Quay, our first destinaation :)
Burger King as dinner and Ice Cream as dessert while waiting for the day get dark :D

i came here for the purpose to see those lightning.
15sec exposure. my first time trying long shutter. Satisfied. :D

Jurung Bird Park on the second day :)
black swam :)


during the show. failed shot.

my favourite shot!!!!! :P

it was just so close with us :)

i like this bird :D. so colourful :P

the girl explaining. :D

Green one :D

scary stare.


gahh, i need a zoom lens.


End this post with those cute pelicans continuous shot. :P
the park super huge! We both were half dead  already at 3pm :X.

to be continue. next post about Singapore Zoo. :D


Hilda Milda™ said...

Wah so nice! The first time I went singapore was when I was 5, totally couldn't remember a thing :P

darranlow said...

Nice looking crisp photos! Pity about the panning of the birds though.

LauraLeia said...

Singapore at night is lovely! The bird park looks like a fun place to spend the day with friends, hehe.

Älícia TӦh ♥ said...

what's camera you used to capture those photos? It's looks nice! :-)

Wann said...

Seems like you enjoyed your stay in Singapore! Very good :) Never been to Jurong Bird Park but might visit there if possible.

Nath said...

haven't been to Jurong Bird Park. Nice shoot

Nava Krishnan said...

Love all the pics and such great shots.

Rach said...

i like that second picture so much! rainbow on the floor :D

Henry Tan said...

pls bring me go next time! i wanna stay at ur aunt house also! den ask ur dad sponsor me also! XDDD

Camy said...

Hilda, this is my first time ma :X
Darran, thanks :D.
Laura, i know especially clarke quay! yes! u should bring ur friends.
Alicia, Canon 550D/ thanks :D
Evelyn, thanks! you should drop by :D
Nath, thanks :D
Nava, thanks alot :D
Rach, i dunno how it works actually :D
Henry. nahhh! u cant! too bad :D