Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yisa 郁可唯

i felt so lucky that on the first day i went genting, Yisa 郁可唯 was having an autograph signing event in First World before MY Astro Music Award.
dropped by during her autograph signing event.

the MC.

she's finally out!

she looks as sweet as her voice :)

i looking at girls with sweet look :)


here are some songs that i love most among all :)

she sang together with 林凡. a very very sweet and nice friendship song.

her cover song for the latest album.

the song that attracted me  :D


missyblurkit said...

awesome photography! now you put a face to the voice. heard her song on the radio recently but couldn't make out who the singer was.

Henry Tan said...

lol why u didnt go take photo with her?! pretty girl lehhh! =D

Xue Ren said...

i love her voice too! awesome songs! :D

Charmaine Pua said...

Love her songs too!

Wann said...

Hey nice photos, very clear :) I like her voice, her songs.

FiSh said...

wow you have a really close shot of her ! :D

Latest: Walk This Way or "Wok Dish Way"?

Cutebun said...

Wow! You are so near to her!!! Her songs are melody to my ears =D

My first meal in Thailand

Camy said...

Missyblurkit, good one! finally u found her! ahahah!
Henry, they don't allow :(
Xue Ren, *hi5*
Charmaine! Yay!
Evelyn, thanks! i like her songs too!
Fish, yess! i feel so lucky :D
Sherrie, yay! *hi5*

Nath said...

Love the song Ke Wang, makes me sobz T_T