Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Singapore Trip - Part 2

In my previous post, i posted about first few days of my Singapore Trip.

went to Haw Par Villa on the 3rd day. a place which full of different statue like character in Journey to the West, 18 stages of hell and lot more. I didn't take any photos there cause i kind of afraid that i accidentally capture what i'm not suppose to see. :X, well, it's kind of creepy there. Lunch in Vivo City Food Court then went to Expo which is few times bigger than Penang Pisa. 6 halls in total and almost every hall have different event or sales going on. Super crowded over there.

followed my Aunt's family to Church on Sunday morning which is the 4th day. The church with largest hall and the best facilities I ever went before but my aunt complain that it's very small as compared to the church she went last time :X. Off to East Coast Park for cycling after lunch. It is totally a super huge and awesome park. Aunt rented bicycle for each of us :D. There are lots of shop that allows you to rent bicycle, skateboard, roller blades and a lot more. Oh! don't worry that you'll get bang by cars cause no car is allowed to enter the area. Many people bbq there too! The sands there very clean. p/s: it's by the beach :D. At the same time, they are having Free Pet Shop over there! lots of cute and adorable puppies! i felt like owning one!!! Went to my little cousin's niche to have some prayers for him. Dinner before heading home :).

Orchard Road on the Monday and yes, i officially fail to be a girl cause i fail to shop. :X. spent most of the time at orchard road finding for Jo's nephew's stuff. Gave up on shopping and went to search for the fountain  of wealth.
we spent almost half of our day. Walked from city hall to esplanade then finally to suntech city. gosh. it's took us so long and walked so much to find this fountain. >.<.
Bugis street to get some souvenir and another day ended just like this :(

Last Day, we decided to go to the Singapore Zoo!!!
*let the pictures speak, i'm too lazy to write much anymore :X*
my lovely partner of the day.

meet up with my aunt from my mom's side and she brought her 2 lil cute children along! :D


the scary crocodile.


speedy otter. *i tried my best and this is the best shot :X*

the fierce white tigerrrrrrr.


i like this shot :D

emo kangaroo

lil cousin scream "red colour poo-poo monkey!"



after watching the elephant show in the zoo, i find that elephant is actually very cute :D

orang utan clapping hands! :D

"don't look down on me!"


ugly frog

look like leaf! O.o





saw that baby one?

i this shot


I this too!


In hokkien,
Grandma : How long we gonna stay here? The sky get darks very soon!
Me : It wont be long. The zoo will close in the evening and there will be a different part(night safari) for people to visit at night.
Grandma : At night got what to see? See ghost isit?
Me : LOL! Ah ma, you dare to see ghost arr?
Grandma : You dare to bring me here, i dare to see!
Not forgetting my very cute grandma!


Henry Tan said...

hahahaha ur grandma so cute! still can joke with you! lol

Nava K said...

You know with the many places I have travelled too, so sad I have never stepped into Singapore. All the time I plan to do so, somehow it does not happen.

Nice and beautiful nature scenery with great shots you have taken. Btw, the little ones are so cute and must have been a great venture seeing all the places.

Merryn said...

White tiger! Gasp! Truly beautiful. I wanna see white tiger too!

FiSh said...

wow so many wildlife there! better than our very own taman negara :P

Latest: Meh-meh Goats

darranlow said...

Nice sharp photos! I'm always creeped out by snakes. Even at 24, I still have a slight phobia of them though I actually had them on my neck once.

Anne Lee said...

salute your photography skill, I feel like the stingray is out from water..

Aki said...

your photography skill is always awesome.. oh, the 5th pic, was not croc, it's alligator.. wow.. I love alligator, they can run faster on the land.. :D.. and I love the white tiger!! roarrrr

theeggyolks said...

it has been years since I last visited Singapore :D

Isabel said...

aww otters are so adorable.. ^_^ and so is your grandma LO

Camy said...

Henry, i know right!!
Nava L. you should seriously plan to go there! it's great! Thanks anyway :D
Merryn, yessss. very fierce one.
Fish, i never even go taman negara before :X
Darran, yes they seems scaryyyy.
Anne, thankssss :D
Aki, thanks for correcting me!woo! u likes all kind of wild animals :X
theeggyolks, drop by when u'r free :D
Isabel! i knowww!