Friday, September 9, 2011

Smile :D

Smilling is an art of life.
isn't it is cute? with the cute smile. ;P
i'm learning.
learning to apply the statement above.
learning to face everything in life with smile.
even if it's bad.
i believe that life will be much better if I do smile no matter what happened.
i believe that smile will make a person to become much cheerful!
i believe that smile will make a person to be stronger to face everything in life.
and i believe that smile will make a person look much cuter, just like the picture above.
with smile, you can also be as pretty as the deer!
you can be much confident too!
don't forget to smile when you're sad, cause i can assure you, with smile, you will feel much better!
a smile can also make a person think more positively. ;P
start your day with a smile and get it over with!
don't be stingy to put a smile on your face.
and your day will be awesome! ;P
just think of me and u'll smile :D *thick face*


N'Craft said...

yup.thats right.always smile, smile and smile. be happy to overcome the sadness. yeaa

cutebun said...

Smile smile smile =)

Henry Lee said...

yeah smile! I like the 1st pic... sharp and good! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

smileeeeeee (((:

Unknown said...

I saw Bambi? :P haha

David said...

Smile =D

gaiksimmm said...

wahh nowadays xiao mei mei getting more and more chim lo :P

无修人 said...

Smile makes this world wonderful

N/A said...

Love the bokeh effect so much! :D

Happy walker said...

nice le ~ smile~

Ken Wooi said...

a smile can cheer someone up tremendously :)

Unknown said...

These are very cute and nice pics. XD
keep it up

Caroline said...

smile is priceless when it comes from the bottom of ur heart! ;)

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Smile :)

Camy said...

rainyscream, yea! so smile more!
cutebun, ;P
CleverMunkey, thanks! i like that one too!
Hilda, weeeeee +D *show teeth*
Kian Fai,ha?
gaiksim, xiao mei mei have to grow what ;D
benooi, excatly!
pennie, friends lend me his 85mm and 50mm lens xP
Mr Lonely, don't be lonely anymore!
ken, excatly!
benjamin, thanks! will do!
caroline, yea! excatly!
rolling, :D