Thursday, September 22, 2011

Olivia Ong

take a rest and listen to her songs.

isn't it sounds sweet?
i'm falling in love with her songs. Olivia Ong.
a Singaporean singer that manage to sing Bossa Nova very well.
i'm in love with her unique voice.
which makes me feel released whenever i listen to her songs.
for your information, she sang the theme song in The Little Nyonya drama.
here's another song for you. enjoy~

P/s: cant wait for my trials to end next week!


Jessy said...

I love Olivia Ong. She first caught my attention with the song You and Me

Wann said...

Her voice is nice...always make me feel so relaxing~~

Charmaine Pua said...

Love her too!!! She was in a Japanese band last time :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I knew her from a Singapore movie (: Her voice is quite special.

Mr.E said...

Love her too! But not so like her singing mandarin songs though...

Happy walker said...

i like olivia ong too.. especially 海枯石烂 Olivia Ong~ XD

ah heng said...

yeah...i like olivia ong too....i like "a love theme" very very much!!!

Anne Lee said...

i'm olivia's fan. her songs are so soothing and romantic.

Camy said...

Jessy, i like that song too!!!
Evelyn, excatly, and comfortable.
charmaine, yea yea! after that only i found out =X
Hilda, movie? what movie? yeaaa.
Mr.E, same. prefer her eng song!
Mr Lonely, ahahah. love song right?
ah heng, woooooo~
anne, *highfives*