Friday, September 16, 2011

Make A Step

chances are everywhere,
one should not gaze at own failure and give up the other chances ;P

people nowadays always get emo cause break up.
some even choose to hurt themselves or suicide.
they think that suicide is the best way cause can end everything.
they cant take the changes in life.
well, when one door is closed, another will sure open.
it depends on the person whether to enter the new one or to stay.
no one knows what is it inside the new door.
but, if you never give yourself a chance to step into the new one, you will never know what is it inside.
don't worry if you fail, another door will open and welcome you :D
don't always lock yourself, give yourself a try on another door until you find the right one.
maybe the right one is just right beside you and waiting for you now :P

don't regret when love is gone,
cherish the memories instead.


Nick Chan said...

nice photo le~~

Happy walker said...

don't know why i feel like saying me.. T.T~~~

Jamie Wong said...

what you said is certainly true, but sometimes what you holding will be good to if you appreciate it. allow time for the current thing you have undergo evolution/changes, coz new opportunity might not always be good. however, if you're a more adventurous person, i reckon change is a good option.

LauraLeia said...

I think most of us will go through something like that at one point or another. Depends on how we face it as individuals.

GenYong said...

Everything needs to take steps to achieve it. I believe you can easily achieve it! So all the best to you...

N'Craft said...

yup.we shud cherish the happy memories and give chances to ourself to meet the other person. Maybe he could replace the past. who knows? hee

Mr.E said...

Nicely said, sadly true.

Charmaine Pua said...

There will surely be a sad phase after breaking up, we're all human after all. Most important is don't hurt ourselves and treasure life.

Nana Eddy said...

That is So true. A lot of people tend to stare at the closed door that they missed other windows opening for them.

无修人 said...

Make a nice step huh...nice...

nicccchang said...

Agree with what you said. Seriously I think ppl who suicide becoz of love are stupid. No offence. I dont like ppl who are commit suicide. :-)

Camy said...

Nicholas, thanks =D
Mr Lonely, then get rid of it!
Jamie, what u say is true. but no matter what, u'r the one that control everything of urself. ;P
Laura, yea. i think almost everyone do face it!
GenYong, thanks! all the best to you too! ;D
rainyscream, agreeee! hheeeee
Mr E, ahahahhaha!
Charmaine, yea. but depends on how we face the prob!
Nana, agree!
benooi, thanks ;P
Niccc, same. but sometimes, well, they are not open minded