Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dying soon

its only the second week of the holiday.
but i already feels super bored at home even though i work as part time during the weekends.
wonder how am i suppose to stand the boredom for the next Whole month. =X
can't believe that its already second week and i only hang out once with my friends.
everyone around me seems so busy during their holiday except my.
everyday sit at home like a gong kia.
finish 1 drama in 1 day plus time =X
heard that lot of them will visit KL.
how nice if they can bring me along..
at least i can go somewhere? =D
i want to watch Harry Potter! it seems awesome!
i don't mind whether its 2D or 3D but i just want to watch it!
Rapunzel too!!!
so anyone bring me out? pleaseeee.. *beg with puppy eyes*
the boredom gotta kill me very soon. i'm dying!


Unknown said...

gong zha boh kia LOL =P go watch with Family, force them =)

domokun said...

u super bored i super busy nao leh>< sad>< exam TT

Natasha MDG said...

i need your favour. can you please like my picture. here's the link

thank you : ))

Steven said...

Gong Zha Bo Kia... means stupid girl?

Come, I buy ticket for movies, you take bus here kay? =P

nickname: J said...

sounds like u r far from kl

Unknown said...

Harry Potter was just ok but at least it's better than the previous two. I want to see Tangled too. It's my type of movie~haha

bendan said...

Maybe you can have some drama at home so you wont be boring. Hmm~ help out with mummy? get a pet or something?? Hahahaha.. XD

Envy, i wan a holiday badly.
* Enjoy your Happy Holiday *

John said...

holiday really sien. really duno want to do wat. sien till die.

Faiz said...

p/s: Terima Kasih kerana sudi memberi komen di blog saya..Sebagai balasan saya membuat kunjungan balas ini ke blog anda..=)


Unknown said...

watched harry potter, AWESOMe