Sunday, November 28, 2010

Broken friendship

a broken friendship hard to be mended.
even if the friendship is mended,
the feeling will never be back anymore.
the feeling will definitely be different.

if there is a big, deep scar.
no matter how much money you willing to spend on the scar to make it heal,
the scar will still be there,
just that maybe it looks much better.


Anonymous said...

People come and people go. It's all about the trust and communication. It takes a long time to build a close relationship/friendship, but it takes a second to destroy it.

Just becareful with whom u put your trust in. These stuff are common ... Betrayal, back stabbing, sabotaging ~ U'll come across it really really often especially in the working world. Identify WHO you can trust now =)

Forgiveness may be good but be wise in your decisions. Be strong and God Bless ~

Albert said...

Broken or not, we just need to keep the faith and move on with life. If he/she chooses to be like that, it's their loss, not yours.

Dori Lukey said...

it's part of life :)

bendan said...

I always have broken friendship but that's part of life. People comes and go, and no one will always standby forever except our parents. =]

Come, I may be your friend onwards. I will never left. XD

soulesscloudy said...

friendship forever... But really can till END??

Its life..

Anonymous said...

When a door closes, hopefully a better window will open.