Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon

went to Penang Bridge International Marathon last sunday.
*cant believe i went right???*
The SMART CAMY went there with only train for 2 days for not even 15 minutes jog.
expect myself to die halfway there.
went last year too.
here's the picture if you can spot me.

anyway. started the race late this year.
because went there late =.=.
din expect them to start the race earlier.
running with 2 person all the way and i almost die halfway.
no picture of me this year, they din upload yet. and i think don't they have my picure.
manage to finish the marathon.
but over the time limited by 1 minute =X
and i still get the medal!!! weeee~
its much nicer compare to last year's medal.



Chuen said...

semangat :D
congrats on getting the medal!

xing said...

How many kilometer is this marathon?

bryan chooi said...

i wanna go but too bad its in penang T.T i could have gotten first if i go lols

Anonymous said...

Fulamak ~ Semangat sia @.@ I think i might die b4 u do == I'm damn lazy to exercise ...zzz

How many KM ?? @.@ 10 ??

TOLANIC said...

The medal looks nice! I like the design! =)

Camy said...


xing, errr 10km =X

bryan, come next time =) go be first la. got $$$$ then can buy DSLR.

Christine, LOLLLLL. i lazy also =XX. yuppie 10km

Tolanic, i like the design too!

ladycooper said...

Salute to all that Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures

soulesscloudy said...

wow.. got medal?? which runner up?

Ras said...

Congrats heryuan!!! medal medal!! so nice! gimmi one >3< i run for you XDD so you got No.3? seem it is silver medal :)

Camy said...

Ladycooper,bt don't hv me =(

Souless, not runner up la. not so pro. once u finish the race then u got it =)

Rascat, nooo. i over time =X