Thursday, November 18, 2010

Confession for Mosquito

Mosquito Oh Mosquito
i know i'm sweet
i'm attractive
that's why you fall in love with me.
and keep kissing me.
then you leave some love marks on my body, especially my legs.
but you have to know!
although you love me so deeply until you have to leave some love marks on my body and make it so itchy so that it can remind me of you.
i do not love you at all!
instead, i hate you a lot!
i don't like those mark you leave for me!
it's so ugly!!!!
please mosquito......
i beg you.
leave me alone!
there are a lot of human that is better than me..
you love me, so you should let me happy right? so please go away from me.


Unknown said...

LOL!!!! CONFESSION!! come to me bah, I will help you let them bite =)

kingpinner said...

they r cute animal rite , that y they have confession

CaDLyNN said...

u r too cute thats y they choose u =))

Calvin Ong said...

i hate mosquitoes too!

Unknown said...

that's why i use mosquito rackets