Friday, March 12, 2010


*negative is nice xD*
noe y no homework for 1 week?
noe y my room is super messy?
noe y my room is full of books?
noe y i'll be holding one book if i go anywhere even if i din read?
yeah.. its exam.. =(
noe y got lot of homeworks during tis holiday?
noe y i'm here?
noe y i can on9?
noe y i'm so free?
noe y ppl asking around "wan hang out?" "wan go watch movie?"?
bcos EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!
weee~ i gonna failll!!!
muahaha.. i'm proud of it *upright*
if ur exams after holiday.. owh.. i pity u...
if ur exams r over.. LET'S PARTY!!!!! wee~

congratz 2 ex-SPM candidates!!
especially Jia Ying Jie n Hoey Wen.. 12A+ *imagine wat i'll get for SPM.. faint*

Malays more than Chinese in Chinese Class?!
owhh... so memalukan Chinese =S

Goshh.. my bro is back from NS..
the house gonna be noisy again.. full of his noisy musiz.. GAH!!
his result??? *close eyes dun wan c*

i wan watch Alice In The Wonderland!!!!
they look Cool... wif their evil n cruel faces. =X *since when i'm so cruel? oh.. so not Camy*

i miss hub hub

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