Monday, March 22, 2010


i'm curious of my results.
i went around the skool find for teachers to ask for my marks.
no no.. i'm not "kia su".
bcos according to my seniors, most of them fail add maths on the 1st test.
so i'm juz curious whether do i fail any sub.
i din fail bt i was super kaypo in add maths.
- become +
i'm not suppose to change the equation bt i changed it =(
end up i got 66.very bad ryt?? :-(
bcos of tis i lost so much marks D: super kaypo.. haizzzzz
i dun lyk sci.. bt i'm satisfied wif my 3 sci marks =D
i din do 2 ques n 10 marks gone. n i still can get 80. muahahaha. i'm siao.
my language subs bad as usual =S
i'm stupid as usual.

i miss laksa

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