Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food Stealer

tis is an evil bird.. who make me scream for lot of times..

its so scary. =S

suddenly came in my house n steal food.
the bird go steps on my bro's lunch n eat it.. muahaha. *thx god tat time i ady finish eating.fuhhh*

no matter how we tried 2 scare it 2 go away.. bt failed..

when i'm taking it's pic.. it look at me out of sudden.. *muka tebal wan. ppl wanna take pic summore pose*
end up. my bro hv 2 korbankan his lunch for tis small bird. LOL!
p/s: its a smart bird.. it came. took the food in the plate. then went sumwhere near balcony n enjoy it... dun wan de.. then back 2 the plates n took other food. =S

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