Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Darl's Bufday

its her Bufday~
went 2 QB wif them n celebrate wif her..
oppssyyy.. i cant rmb wat the guy's name tat followed us.. *melissa's peminat. biasa la.. she n xuan got lot of peminat*
went 2 secret recipe be4 the movie..

look at the way we put the candle.. Special ryt?? *say yes plz =S*

she wish....................

watched Poker King..
its damn funny.. damn romantic movie man.. so sweet~ *i realise sumthing.. almost all movie 2 me is nice wei.. nvm.. ignore me. i'm crazy*

went 2 sakae sushi 2 hv dinner after tat..
the guy tat followed us belanja..

on tat nitex.. my keng ppl mia skill suddenly come out wei..
keep keng tat guy till he speechless man... pity him =S belanja us summore kena keng teruk man.
pees in the noodles bowl wif green tea on top?

3 of us hv 2 same shirt =)
*joannie dun jealous yea*

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