Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fishy? weee~

Followed Phor Tay skool trip 2 War Musuem n Aquarium wif Jo. WT. Syafiq n Joe
was so exited be4 goin there..
heard tat war musuem is fun n scary n so on.. n get 2 meet fishy all when meet there.
bt ended up.. War Musuem was so boring. =.=
Phor Tay students keep got scared by those patung there..
bt 5 of us were lyk "owh okay" when we saw =S
after tat. went 2 Aquarium.
damn unlucky tat day. they were repairing the tangki inside.. so its CLOSED!!!!
we juz get 2 visit the pond outside there n one part of the aquarium ne =(


i lyk tis pic. look lyk ppl in cinema watching movie =)

Huge fishy~


Fish can Glow wan? O.o

Joe wif his big eyes

Syafiq blur. oppsy.. jo at side


pretty fishes...

the reflection of water is nice =D

small turtle.

Cute one =)

star fish.. wif a small nice blur fish behind

CRAB!!!! my fav food =)

we ended up ate fish biscuit tat jo brought beside the door of Aquarium =S

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