Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wei Yi Surprise Party!

hv surprise party at Red Box, Gurney for Wei Yi~
Organize mostly by Lam.. aww~ tat's sweet..
tumpang Gaik Sim's car wif Meredy.. reached there abt 11 sumthing.. =S
owh no! we were late n Gaik Sim go gila at first =X
reached there de... settle at Red Box de.. then went 2 tipu Her..

Gaik Sim : Lelong~ Lelong~
Me : *evil laughs* we gonna sell u away.. Muahahaha!
Meredy : Uncle.. wanna buy here onot? *act as sum uncles ady there n askin them whether wanna buy her onot*
Cheryll : Lelong~
Alvin : *dun care abt we gurlz.. =.=*
Wei Yi : *as usual* Weiiiiiiiiii
she was surprise 2 c me.. they din tell her tat i came also =.=

Sang song 4 her n asked her 2 make a long wish..
Closed her eyes again..
then surprise her again wif Lam holding the cake~ awwwww... *be4 tat.. lam lie 2 her tat he need 2 go hospital check up =.=... n she planned 2 visit lam after tis outing*
Owh yeah! tis cake was exactly the same cake as Wei Yi bought 4 Lam when his bufday n he dun noe... wat la.. =.=
sang bufday song 4 her again n as usual.. pick up the candle by mouth.. =D
then she gave the gurlzs n Lam a hugg..
then Meredy started wif the song Girlfriend *i guess.. cant rmb*
Siao there till abt 1... sumthing happened.. n i went 2 the seaside myself 2 find ppl =.=
after Red Box.. Meredy went home.. Cheryll went wif Alvin..
the rest of us went 2 buy tickets 4 movie ltr..
since we still hv lot of time.. we hang around..
walked till the place those Thailand ppl sell stuff there..
came back again.. hang around again =.=..

we watched Ice Age 3! not 3D btw..
movie started at 5.30..
the movie was veri veri funny!!
after movie.. went home >.<
story end~

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