Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sukan Tara

yesterday n 2day were Sukan Tara..
everyone is compulsory 2 join.. Tats for sure~
of cuz.. i was forced 2 join.. =.=
i past running only.. lontar peluru still left abit 2 reach >.<. i juz walk 2 the side when high jump *i noe i pro xD*.. long jump wasted ne! BATAL!!! T_T
the fun part was when running..
i ran wif jo nyee. natasha. dharshini n priyana.
tat time.. the grass was WET!
n guess wat..
nyee was shouting all the way we ran tat the grass was veri slippery!!
natasha was laughing all the way >.< color="#9999ff"> made noise 2!
seriously she damn cute nia! lolx.
nth much de la..
i noe i'm nt gonna wakil my house on sport's day enough.. xP


iknewthatuloveme! xP

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