Monday, March 16, 2009


i'm in the mood 2 blog..
bt nt abt campfire.. =D
as sir yee seng promise 2 send me the pic of campfire if he gt it.. so.. be patient.. [zoe.. sabar sikit lar]
overall..tis test was TERRIBLE HORRIBLE n vEgEtAbLe!
prays hard tat i wont gt fail for sej.. or maybe bm.. >.<
tis time moral paper is hard man! MORAL!!! how can moral paper be tat hard??
n all the definisi tat we memorize dun even come out one.. wat lar............ >.<
owh yea..
i gonna mention tat..
My nice name (Camy) *cheh.. perasan* appears in Moral Paper..
hek hek..
the only gurlz's name there.. xD *y am i be tat proud?? nth mia wat =.=*
dun talk abt Test anymore..
make me sad ne >.<

tis holiday means nth onli.. *besides campfire*
nt fun at all..
juz lyk normal day..
every morning hv 2 go 2 skool for chorol speaking practise.. tis nvm..
summore gt SEJ n SIVIK folio man!!
n i start nth yet.. =S
so far.. no ppl wanna date me.. how sad.. T_T
i wanna watch Marley And Me~ Race To Witch Mountain~ Hotel For Dogs~
anyone wanna go wif me?? hmmm...

here r sum pics during Camporee..

all the exco n helpers from SMKBJ..

no different..
gurlz onli =) *ignore me plz.. i looks damn weird man!*

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