Saturday, March 7, 2009


EXAM is around the corner de...
bt i studied a little ne >.<
feel so guilty abt tis.. haiz =.=
almost everyday stay back..
campfire is coming veri veri soon.. *one day after exam*
have been bzing for the campfire thingy since last week...
hv 2 prepare for the performance.. >.<
how i gt time 2 study?! feel so sry 2 myself (bt nt my parents) xP
i suddenly wish tat there r 36 hours one day man!

at least gt extra 12 hours for me 2 study!
luckily 2day morning when practise.. the seniors tought me sejarah.. =D * thx them*
if nt.. i gonna die wif it.. haiz...
hv 2 go study now..
will try 2 update soon if possible..
hmmm.. most probably after campfire when holiday de..

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