Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sushi Zanmai

Back on 12 July..... Opps, another delayed post. :X
Suddenly feel like blogging about this or showing the photos plainly cause I miss or crave for Sushi very badly now, especially Salmon Sushi!!!!!

Back to the topic, my parents came down to KL for their friend's birthday celebration on 12 July. Instead of they come find me or bring me around, I have to go find them in town. =.= how pitiful right? Luckily my friends are kind enough to fetch me to them and overnight together at Swiss Garden Hotel. :D

My parents left right after they passed me the hotel room key. We decided to leave the room after a nap or rest cause we were hungry. 

we walked passes Sushi Zanmai at Low Yat and nobody lining up! Hohoho! We are so lucky! aiya, cause we reached there at 5 something :X

My Salmon Ikura Handroll.
Cause I am craving for them right now, so imma gonna makes you drool too! Imma evil. hohoho

my all time favourite Salmon Sushi!
I dont know how it became my love but I really fall in with Salmon lately. Especially when salmon comes with wasabi. *drooling now arr* 
Imma seriously craving for this badly right now. Anyone can deliver to me? or Can I marry Salmon and eat it all the time? :P 

Chicken Katsu Don

Xiao Fei's Soft Shell Crab Roll

Soft Shell Crab Okonomiyaki
I am a Salmon fan and She is soft shell crab fan. :X

Oswin, Xiao Fei, Ultraman and Me!

Le partner 

Epic Posttt

went to hunt for shoes. the Birkenstock are not mine.:(
Initially, I was the one that wanna hunt for shoe and Xiao Fei wanna hunt for Birkenstock, end up 3 of us got 1 pair each.


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Miaw said...

Omg I miss the sushi there. *drools*

Unknown said...

It just open in Penang Gurney Paragon, long queue all the time.

Unknown said...

Zanmai in kl always long queue too ... but its still my favourite ! :D

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Happy walker said...

huhu, i like Zanmai, been there few time liao~

Adam said...

cool sushi place

LauraLeia said...


Henry Lee said...

i had zanmai twice... not sure why i think it's a little overrated and i hate to queue! :(

Blackswan said...

Hey, the food shots are great! Of course, not forgetting the pretty gal!

Ken said...

The okonomiyaki looks good, but no thanks, ain't gonna queue at Sushi Zanmai :p

Amy said...

It's okay for a little delay. This sounds and look so delicious! Really worth the wait. And you girls are so cute and pretty. :)

Anne Lee said...

very hor liao ar you.

Carolyne O' said...

Everything seems so delicious babe!
What about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!



Hilda Milda™ said...

Definitely my fave place when it comes to jap food :P Can never get bored of them even after all these year :P

Isabel said...

you cannot marry salmon because I already married it xD

Mindy Fan said...

omg that looks delicious! I jus tlove sushi!

Charmaine Pua said...

I'm missing salmon too!! And unagi!! <3

Fione said...

My forever favourite hahah :D sushi I love

Unknown said...

wow!! sushi zamai ah! never get to have the chance to dine there yet even though i've been to Paragon

Gillian Ong said...

I think sushi zanmai would be my favorite sushi place :D ..


Mindy Fan said...

wow! That sushi looks too good!!!! drools!* * sushi is the best!

I was wondering how tall you are because i think you can totally pull off a maxi skirt! I am only 5"3 =)

Camy said...

Miaw, nooo, dont drools on my blog! haha
Smartan, yeahhh! like everyday also super long queue!
Smallnhot Sarah, depends,i went farenheit and low yat also no one queue.
Mr Lonely, i love itttt
Adam, yeahh
Laura, chill chill :P can drool now
Henry, i like it loorrr, maybe u ordered wrong one? ahha
Shirley, thankssss :P
Ken, hahaha i dont need to queue in lowyat and farenheit!
Amy, thanksss :D
Anne, where got worrr
Carolyne, yeahhh
Hilda, agreeeeeeeeeee!
Isabel, noooo!imma steal ur husband! :P
Mindy, i love sushi too!
Charmaine, i prefer salmonNN!
Fione, i know rightttt
AnnTan, you should try!
Gillion, almost everyone's favourite!
Mindy, i'm short. only 5"2. cause i look fat and short in maxi :X