Sunday, September 29, 2013

In a Blink of an Eye

Hardly get to see beautiful scenery in Sg Long anymore compared to Kampar. Anyway, I still manage to snap a few. :D
Sunrise at Sg Long 09.9.2013

Sunrise at Sg Long 07.6.2013

Sunset at Sg Long 07.9.2013
FYI, finally its Sem Break!! 3 weeks plus for me to enjoy! :D After I completed 14 study weeks and 3 weeks final. I dont get to come back Penang often like I did in Kampar. I missed Penang very very badly. :(

le Year 1 Sem 1 is Overrrr!

It's alright, imma gonna enjoy myself to the fullest in these few weeks :D

With the cigarettes model
One of my assignment is to held event. In the very short time given, we held the Anti-Smoking Campaign.

Despite homesick, I get to enjoy myself with few of my coursemates in Sg Long. :D I am really really thankful that I get to meet trustable and awesome friends wherever I go. They will be there to help me when I need. :)

Xiao Fei!!! *blogged about her in my previous post*
Yes yes, she is still here for me, being there with me throughout the whole semester :D. My partner in class but always left me alone especially those early morning class. She brought us to the mall to watch movies :P. I will always like to kacao her no matter in Fb or Whatsapp. She always bring us out to have good food *cause most of the shops are closed at night in Sg Long, hardly get to eat good food :/*. Not to forget the one that fetch me to and from bus station. Still remember there was once after Raya holiday, I was stuck in the jam until 2am and she stayed up late to fetch me. Damn touched and guilty tho. :X

in the class :D
Carmun. Yours Truly. Zhi Ying

Carmun. *i didnt purposely wink you know! :P I was just trying to close my eyes
She was in the same tutorial class with me and Xiao Fei. A great friend tho. :). A strong lady. The No 1 fans of hello kitty and pink!!! The one that not afraid of ghost or to watch haunted movie, but afraid of roller coaster. Always accompany me to wherever I want to. She always say something epic that make us laugh real hard!

Zhi Ying. *she purposely make her eyes till so cool eh!
Carmun's housemate. A very straight forward girl. Another very funny friend. Quite epic too eh! Very clear on how to sit LRT or rapid tho. Always our tour guide when we wanna go somewhere :/. 3 of us can just sit there and talk for hours non-stop cause we are talkative.

Mei Sham. Qonstance. Camy
Not to forget le these 2 housemates aka the Future Doctors :D. With them, I need not worry about my dinner. They will bring me out for dinner or cook for me :P. Just like big Jie Jie taking care of me. When I was having final, Qonstance came back for a while, she cooked for me before she left to her boyf place. She even fried extra eggs for me even I dapao fried rice dy. I feel loved :D 

Signing off.
I shall continue enjoy my Sem break before I am back to Sg Long :X

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Ken said...

So boring meh Sg Long? LOL, of course, i'm not eager to find out :D

Henry Tan said...

lol wow the skies really niceee. haha but u are too free to capture all the sunrise izit? lol

Constance Ant said...

eh in the last picture, your friend name is so me XD

cindy said...

beautiful clouds!!!!1

Unknown said...

Wow, those shots of the sky are just gorgeous! And it looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends :)

Stephanie | fashion and tea

Camy said...

Ken, not that bad la. but very quiet town lo
Henry, haha thanks, no laaa, for early class ma.
Constance, hahaha yuppp
Cindy, exactly!
Stephanie, thanks yeaaa! :D

Unknown said...

a few of my best friends study in Kampar too! and wow, i think they had the best time of their lives (( :
as a reply to your comment on my blog, you're taller than me! so you can totally wear this dress haha