Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Heroine ♥

Back in Singapore Zoo
Our Heroine ♥

Don't ever underestimate her.
She is very very active and hardworking. Despite her wrist bone was slightly fractured, I still always see her moving around doing her work and insist to cook for herself.
She is a huge fans of Hokkien drama. Heard from my aunt that she can wake up during midnight just for dramas. Because of the influence by my little cousins, she starts watching cartoons too! I can still remember when I was young, she started watching Chinese drama to learn mandarin so that she can communicate with my siblings and I. :')
I to eat what she cook, they taste real good!

She is my very cute Ahma!
She is still fighting for her life in the ICU. How I wish I could stay with her in Penang and accompany her.. You will surely win in this war! I know you will be fine. :)
Ahma, you have been sleeping for more than a week. It's time to wake up and play with your grandchildren!! Wa Seow Liam Lu..

In a mess
Everything seems to be in a mess. Hopefully there will be a rainbow in a while. :)

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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that, hope your grandmum wake up ASAP.

Hana said...

Wish your ahma get well soon..
God bless.

Wann said...

Wish her gets well soon =D
Pray for her!

Blackswan said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to learn that. Speedy recovery & take care!

Ken said...

I'm sure she'll be fine real soon, you take care too :)

Unknown said...

Thank you all.
I strongly believe my mom will wake up very soon.
We will never give her up.
Nothing is important than the only parent in this world.

Happy walker said...

hope you ah ma will get well soon~ >.<

Unknown said...

Hope she will get well soon. God bless. said...

so CUTE!
Visit my blog ♥
And instagram ♥

Kylie R. said...

Sweet post. I am sure she will be fine :) Positive thoughts!

Mindy Fan said...

I am sorry to hear about her. I wish her to best and a speed recovery!! Good luck and stay positive! =)

Camy said...

Smartan Dad, sure, thanks yea :D
Hana, thanks
Evelyn, sure she will :)
Shirley, thankss
Ken, thankss
Tracy :)
Mr Lonely, thankss
Kharn Yee, thanks
MarieAntoinette, thankss
Kyliebabi, thankss
Mindy, thanks yea :D

Charmaine Pua said...

I believe she can still here you.
Try to talk to her more ba... hope miracle will happen :)

Camy said...

Charmaine, and she left :)