Sunday, November 25, 2012

To be free

Imma gonna fly freely in the sky,
I don't wanna stay anymore. Maybe i shouldn't from the first place?
Forgetting something is never easy.
Perhaps i should keep it in somewhere deep or bury it so that i wouldn't find it often.
If it's not mine, it will never come back to me but if it's mine, eventually it'll be back right?
Trust me, i will try not to think about it as much as i could :)
imma strong, definitely am alright :D

p/s: sorry for troubling for so long. i'll try not to whine about it anymore :) thanks for being there for me


GenYong said...

I am feeling down after read up your blog post... Camy, are you okay with the problem? Is that the relationship problem? Well, I hope you can recover it by chilling out with your best friends and think out of that problem okay? All the best ya!

Anne Lee said...

what happen girl?

Henry Tan said...

mysterious! anyway.. just hang out more! social more! when you keep yourself occupied, you will stop thinking about those thing. ;)

jcjx said...

Hello Camy,

Are you alright? I don't really know what's happening, but I'm sure your blog visitors (me included of course!) will lend you a listening ear, and be your confidante. :)

Meanwhile, take care and stay strong. Know that you're not alone and we'll be here for you. I'm just making a guess of how you feel by writing this poem specially for you. Not sure if i'm correct. Anyway, here it is:

The lone star twinkling, in the depth of the night.
Droplet of tear trickling, symbol of sadness shimmers with light.
The solace i'm seeking, why do you stay out of sight?
Its really hurting, to say that I feel alright.

Yet I am trying, to stay strong and fight.
For it marks the beginning, of the end of my plight.
I keep on striving, with all my might.
For soon comes riding, my destined white knight.

Take care! Hope you'll feel encouraged after reading the poem. :)

Best Regards

Happy walker said...

take care too~

Camy said...

Gen Yong, hahah i'm alright le. dont worry. just the feeling. dont worry i'll stand up. all the best to u too! :D
Anne, nothing much le :)) just the feeling is there hahah
Henry, ahhahaha sure i will. i so talkative :P
Jcjx, aww thanks :). hahah. omg the poem extremely nice :D like it so much. thanks alot!!!!
Mr Lonely, thankss :D

Henry Lee said...

wow seems like u have some really good readers out there! be free! :)

Camy said...

haha, yea! i'm glad i have them :D. thanks! :D