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Like other typical students or kids, my mom starts sending me to Tuition classes since i was in primary school. Among my siblings, i attended the most tuition classes *which i don't know why*, for like almost every subject. I am a weird kid, most of the time what i listened in school only 40%, i need someone to teach again only i will know what am i learning. @@. I've attended different types of classes from small size home tuition class, to huge size home tuition class, to tuition centers that have almost 70 students in a class. After trying different types of classes, i prefer attending classes that less than 10 students. Classes that every students interact well with teachers too! Easier to ask questions, won't feel shy and i feel that teacher can focus on almost every students this way.

Well, i'm proud that throughout my whole tuition life, i've got the chance to join this class. Funny teacher with awesome people in the class. Class that i followed since form 1 until form 5. :)

However, my mom always nag me for wasting her money as some of the tuition classes' fees are extremely expensive, her petrol and time to fetch me in and out, luckily i am smart enough to car pool with my friends ;) . Although i enjoy attending certain of my tuition classes, but still it's very tiring especially weekdays. Usually we already spend around 8 hours or sometimes even more in school, then have to rush to tuition without having a rest.

It's important to get your own right tutors that suit your style, your budget, focus on you, that you can really understand what your tutor teach, blah blah blah go on and on..

Kids nowadays are very lucky. The improvement of technology and innovation of Internets allow everyone just do everything online! Most of the things online are trustable. Yes! You can find tutor online now! I can still recall that my parents was so reluctant to buying stuff online or even paying bills online, keep asking me to beware online. :O

Watch this cute short clip by

" is a marketplace for matching tutors and students. It's a website for people who want to find quality tutors. It's also a website for people who want to find home tuition jobs. Not limited to academic subjects only. They also cover special skills like programming, chess playing, pets training, swimming, drumming, piano, entrepreneurship, cooking, dancing, and etc."

You can search your Right Tutors according to subject you want, place you stay, that charge reasonable fees and teach you well. A whole list of tutors with their details will be shown like their name, location of the town, what's their qualifications and subjects available. You can slowly browse through one by one to pick tutor that you prefer.
For example, for Penangites like me can just search home tuition Penang will do! :D

For those tutors who are looking for jobs can check out their website too!

They provides details of parents' requirement, with offered monthly fees, location, subjects & level of classes, contact details and more.

Isn't it's so easy to get a tutors for your children or even find a job for yourself? 
Check out and their blog for more information :D
Singaporean need not worry too! Cause they have home tuition Singapore too!

hope it helps


Henry Tan said...

lol i saw a pretty tutor! XD

missyblurkit said...

Pretty useful site for both the tutor and student.

Charmaine Pua said...

I'm too old for tuition ady hahaha

Xue Ren said...

hehe! nice review babe! :)

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

How are you these days? Sorry for not commenting often. (But i got read your blogposts ok? haha) I'm having my exams now, will comment more after that :) All the best for your assignment/tests/exams too. :)

Best Regards

Adam said...

tutoring isn't very big in America anymore. Which is sad I think some kids need it.

Camy said...

Henry, hahahahah go kao la
Missyblurkit,yes yes! useful much!
Charmaine,hahahah but still can learn something else
Xue Ren, thanks
jcjx,i'm fine :). it's alright. hahaha thanks for reading :D. all the best for ur exams!
Adam, ohhh! some kids need it le