Monday, October 8, 2012

StreetArt Penang

Street Art in Penang Heritage Town area is the Hot Topic whenever people talks about Penang lately.
done by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist. He created a series of site-specific wall paintings in conjunction with the George Town Festival 2012.

after months, as a Penangite, I finally get the chance again to walk around heritage town, but this time I manage to find some of those street arts. Ebony asked me out with the main purpose for shooting but we ended up talking and updating each other more than we shoot. :X

The street arts are all around the heritage area, it's like playing hide and seek with you. Here are some that we found after 3 hours under the hot sun,
"oh i couldn't reach!"

brother-sister in them, just couldn't describe the warm feeling when staring at this photo.

When the naughty boy play with the dinosaur

this innocent boy pass by with his weird look

cause this happened.

row row row the boat :) in chew jetty.

guess what? They are selling StreetArt Notebook too!
Idea of this sketchbook is that everybody should have the opportunity to paint something on a wall!
i support them!

old but sexy car ;)

wall for you to be creative.

oh i'm still phobia of bike.

Friend that help me bought it helped me get the artist's signature too! Spot that Zach to Camy? Appreciate much! :D

you can get the book in Murobond Penang, 209 Hutton Lane. It only cost RM25 and i feel that it's quite worth it as the quality is good.
If not, you can get it at which cost RM35 include postage.

semangat Penang!!!


Anne Lee said...

i wanted to go there so badly, but don't have kaki-s to go together..

Xue Ren said...

I wish I can visit this place too! so artistic! :D

Henry Tan said...

haha good! u are helping to promote penang! =DDD

Hilda Milda™ said...

Definitely visiting it when I'm in Penang next month! :D Can't wait. So sad that the boy and dino drawing is vandalised ):

Charmaine Pua said...

I've yet to blog about this :p
Did you take some photos with the street arts?

7号街隐士 said...

arghh.. i want to buy the streetart book. thanks for sharing this precious info ^^

Wann said...

I wanted to visit this place but no chance. Nice photos you have it there =D

jcjx said...

Hello Camy

Wow, the photos really are awesome!
Art & Drawings brings to life a form of enlightenment to the those in the art's locality and expresses the artists' creativity.
Photography skill and passion drives photography enthusiasts to seeks out and capture these beauty.
Technology and generosity allows the photographer to spread the wonderful art around the world, to the delight of art fans and the masses.

Thank you Camy for sharing these amazing art through your excellent photography skills! :)


HouHouSek said...

wa now they are selling books too @_@

Camy said...

Anne, awwwww. dont worry. it stays for 2 years :D
Xue Ren, yesss! very nice!
Henry, hahaha cause i love penang
Hilda, wooo Penang welcome you! yea loo :(
Charmaine,hahaha. nop. i went there take the street arts but not with the street arts :X
Jerome, hahahah go get it! :D
Evelyn, time to arrange your trip to Penang! :D
Jxjc, wooo good good. thanks anyway :P
HouHouSek, yuppp :DD

Aki said...

hey hey hey.. I missed that book.. T_T