Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Of Colourful World

I found my artwork when I was packing my stuff when i moved house. hmm, moving house really allows people to find back lots of their stuff that got abandoned. I almost forget that I used to attend art class.

Like every other typical kids, I can still recall that back when I was in kindergarten, my mom sent me and my brother to a art class somewhere in Sg Ara which is kind of far away from my house. Then I keep changing different art class until standard 4 or 5, finally I stop learning. I can still remember I play instead of learning there most of the time and I always couldn't finish 1 drawing in 1 class, must drag for at least 2 classes to finish 1 drawing :X. I hate drawing,especially human, I only enjoy colouring :P

After UPSR, my friend brought me to a Art Class, to learn water colour, which we will be taught by a Artist, Watercolourist - Alex Leong. To be frank, i didn't know that water colour and poster colour are different before that. Somehow, i fall in with water colour and finally i have some satisfied artworks. that can make my mom feel proud of me,maybe? :P

i just how water colour need not to be perfect, my painting don't need to look very clean, how simple it can be, how I get to play with many many different techniques to get different effects *oh, do you know that putting salts on your colour can get very nice effects?*, how i can ruin my drawing and my teacher still manage to teach me some ways to change the effect, that I can just pick what I wanna draw every time without teacher telling me "YOU MUST DRAW THIS" every time attend the class.

here are some that at least boleh jumpa orang punya artwork :P
oh, i can assure you that some of you might not like water colour.
this is my Fav of all! i just staring at this :P

look at the effects of the woods and the stairs. Thanks to this and i get quite high marks for my Art subject in secondary for that exam. :P. i tell you! finally got teacher that admire water colour too after 3 years in that school taking arts exam! she even ask whether can she keep my painting? :D. 

I hate drawing human too much that i ended up drawing a series of cute animals, insects and plants before i officially quit my drawing class.
hohoho, aren't they are cute? especially the lansi colourful chicken? :P

*eeeeeeee* see their teeth :D

underwater world.

cute insects. :P

of flowers and colours.

my teacher gave me a weird task to draw ballerinas. i got no idea to call this ugly or artistic O.o
now you know how much i hate drawing humans! cause i'm totally suck at it!

this is the only drawing including human that i like! cause the human is small and only one small parts of it :P. my real drawing looks real tho.

how i wish that i even have the time to sit there to draw and colour now. *maybe not the drawing but the colouring part.*. This trimester is really killing me. Half dead now


Unknown said...

Very beautiful artwork. You are talented!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Charmaine Pua said...

WAHLAU!! You're so good in art!
I can't even draw a stickman properly XD

Wann said...

You can really draw and colour very beautifully!! No wonder your teacher wanna keep your art piece too. Hope to see more of your artwork in the future, possible? hehe

Henry Tan said...

wow you are really talented! i went for art class before too! but none of it as good as yours! TT

TheJessicat said...

Epic drawings/paintings right there! :D

Camy said...

Andrew Wan, thanks alot!
Charmaine, hahaha! i can colour ne :P luckily colour help me to cover off what i draw :O
Evelyn, ahaha. sorry. can't see de :( i didnt draw for very long time de.
Henry, hahahahahaha! thanks to my friend for bringing me go try watercolour :P
TheJessicat, thanks alot!