Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Stalking Tools - NUFFNANGX

I've found something new!! Nuffnangx!! sharing it cause i'm lovin it.

"Since the beginning of blogging, millions have jumped on the blogging bandwagon and there grew a population that made the blogosphere rich with information, entertainment and perspectives of journalism and publishing. It has formed a culture where sharing and following knowledge and passions are the norm. Now in 2012, we bring you the new frontier of blogging. With the highly anticipated launch of NuffnangX, going mobile with your favourite blogs have never been more seamless."

"Never before has an application for blog stalking been made with such precision and is so user friendly. Find, follow and converse with your favourite bloggers on NuffnangX with one simple tap on your iPhone or Android. With a layout that is easy on the eyes and loading time that is snap quick, there is no reason why stocking up on the latest blogs have to offer should be a problem. "
--from nuffnang--

I got excited when i found this apps that Nuffnang introduced! 

Most people likes to stalk others blog although they don't blog or just too lazy to blog, just like me! We can find lots of blogger always blog about events, food, fashion and travel nowadays. And i am envy that they always get to enjoy so much. don't worry, i'm happy with what i have to :)

To be frank, it's not that i'm lazy to blog. I just find myself topic-less to blog. That's why my blog is never on the same categories, sometimes can be  those time hanging out with friends, my thoughts and my photography. I don't always hang out, even if i do, for casual event i wouldn't dress up, put on make up and vain with what i wore before i'm out. A simple shirt or t-shirt with jeans or short will do. *maybe it's not the time for be to be totally girlish yet or to be girlish, i just only reach 1% of it.*. So, i hardly will blog about fashion, and event is all those outing with friends :X. Besides, I don't get to always travel around and go to luxurious restaurant to have meal. Travel is my dream and i always remind myself that i MUST travel around the world when i start working and earn money. By that time, hohohoooo, i think my blog gonna turn into travel blog *oh, keep dreamingggggggg*. As for food, mostly i'll have mommy's food or hawker's food. Again, Simple and yummy. Sometimes, daddy will still bring us to restaurant but when the moment the food comes, everyone started snatching*the fun of it:*, by the time i take out and turn on my camera, i'm afraid that i gonna capture empty plates. It sounds like i'm those nerdy that stay home whole day, facing the computer, don't get me wrong, i am very playful kay.

Ever since i come kampar *i think i repeat this phrase for lots of time in my blog*, the place that a little jungle-like with no mall but only lake and hills and my own transport is my leg, other than going to university and out for dinner, those leftover will be in hostel. I bet you wouldn't want to read about my daily routine here, I'll find it boring to blog about it even after 1 day. Curious of what i do here everyday? I stalk in facebook, twitter and blog, get the latest update from the photoblog, clicking around youtube watching videos, sing out loud as if nobody can hear in my room, clicking around those blogshop for fun and not buying it and these few days get addicted to drama that i finish a hong kong series with 33 episode in 2 and a half days.

It's fun reading people's blog. Know about their life and how they go through ups and downs, seeing how people dress up and realising so many pretty girls out there, reading about their travel life and nice food then imagine it myself. Nuffnangx make my life so much easier for me to stalk other bloggers, on my laptop and also my phone :P .

always get the latest update from those blog you followed.

you can also search on blogs depends on the categories you like.

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