Friday, September 7, 2012

3# Collection, Sometimes I Just Wonder

sometimes i just wonder, why did i let go beautiful stuffs in my life....

My personality of asking myself to stay cheerful when things not right seems that its good and allows everything be so positive. But now, i realize, yes i finally do realize, it is also making me to let things go off from my life easily...

Lots questions run in my mind when people telling me that they will definitely get what they want, wondering what did i actually try to hold on? Did i actually fight for once to get what i want? No, basically i did not. I wouldn't blame anyone. I will innocently make myself to think that it's not mine, i don't deserve it and that's why it went away... *why did i actually think it that way???* 

I've learned... or should i say i regretted? Isit too late? and i guess so.. Thinking maybe for once, i have to seriously fight and hold on to what i want. Somehow, every time i tried, i broke my heart again and again #stupidme. Back again, my confident getting worst, felt so breathless holding it on, *oh i dislike the feeling* wondering is it right to hold on, should i hold it on... Is that a sign showing that i'm weak? I don't know..

I'm not sure how long can i stand it. I will still try, maybe till the day i'm totally exhausted, i'll leave it, could be few days, few weeks, few months, few years or even till I die..

i want to runaway
to far far away
or i call it travel
to somewhere people can't find me
take a few weeks/months break
ignore everything for a moment
the feeling is just so great :)
it's always my dream.
and i'll make sure that i'll make this comes true.


missyblurkit said...

Life is a rojak or sorts. So there are some days we act really stupid and regret our actions/ But what differs is that we move on!

Carolyn Tay said...

Cheer up girl, there are lots of challenges in life, sometime we see things differently in different times, maybe you will regret but that's the past :) move on ! Don't let the past ruin your future :)


Anonymous said...

Life is a wander~

LuPorTi said...

Never mind, late to realise it is always better than not realising it. I let a lot of things go aways last time. And now, I regretted. Now, I keep telling me to do whatever I wish too. Although at the end, we may be failing and we may be wasting a lot of effort as well as time. But at least, we tried.

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

stay positive is tough but you'd be overwhelmed with better things in future :) enjoy your life!

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Camy said...

missyblurkit, i agree with u. trying to move on :D
Carolyn, thanks yea. dont worry, i wont let my pass ruin my future! learn from mistake! :D
Annoymous, agree.
LuPorti, let's dont let things to go away anymore! ^^
Fish, thanks yeaaaaa

LuPorTi said...