Sunday, December 4, 2011

Owning the Wings

SPM finally over 4 days ago after suffering for the whole 3 weeks.
faced books and did last minute study.
just back from lumut-pangkor 3days 2nights trip with my darling yesterday.

next stop, sungai petani with family for a night stay tonight :D
wow, lots more plan to go and i'll definitely be back when i'm free! ;)
and yes! i didn't get first batch of National Service! :D.
but sadly, my previous plan is gone. :(


LauraLeia said...

Congrats on completing your high school major exam! :D Time to go on trips to wash away the stress, huh? Have fun and enjoy yourself, Camy! ^^

Punk Chopsticks said...

Grats girl!!!! *high five* and ZOMG!!! You're coming to sungai petani?? I LIVE in sungai petani. Must meet up. email me, kay???

daphiexn™ said...


Anne Lee said...

so many after SPM vacations. take your sweet time. college life is coming through your way real soon.

Nava.K said...

Congrats and was it good new or bad news that you did not get the national service??

Mr Lonely said...

have fun~

Hilda Milda™ said...

Yeah, I just owned my wings too :D *high 5* now go enjoy life while you can before second batch NS hehe

Mr.E said...

I wanna go to Pangkor too =(

PYee said...

LOL! congrats for not getting into the NS! ^^ enjoy ur holiday puas-puas!! :)

Camy said...

Laura, thanks alot! yupppp. schedule full! weeee!
Punk Chopsticks, thanks! *highfive* err. my grandma stay there. sorry din contact u. ;(
Daphiexn, yea loooo. xPP u also right?
Anne, thanks! forget abt college and enjoy first.
Nava, not didn't get. it's i got first batch only. err. good news la.
Mr Lonely, thanks!
Hilda, *high five* that's awesomeeee! yup. doing so!
Mr.E, ahahah. go la :D
Pyee, yeahhhh. partyyyyyy

mine said...

hi, sweetie, actually u may apply to gt into 1st that u wont waste ur time for just waiting and doing ntg..just my own person opinion, cuz im 2nd batch and i felt that i did wasted a lot of time.
good luck for ur spm result :)