Friday, December 16, 2011

Lost In The Dark

thinking of my future, i feel completely lost.

spm just ended and everyone is telling me that it's time to think of what to study in future and what i wanna be. although i have been telling people that i will go for account, but lots of question marks still come out in my mind. i know that i am not a science person but a maths lover so account will be my choice so far. i still worry, worry that i'll regret. worry that i got no other job but only as accountant. worry that i can't cope with it as i wasn't in account stream during form 4 and form 5. i'm lucky that i met one good adviser who is kind enough to explain to me what should i do and the good and bad of studying account during education fair. i gain some confident after listening to what he said but i still feel slightly lost.

so what if i choose to study account, another problem is where to study! UTAR or MMU? their degree program are recognized by MIA. stepping into a new school, new life, meeting new people. *oh, i experienced that*. the feeling is just so not right, it takes time to get along with everyone. the feeling of lonely and odd. have to be independent, no more daddy, mummy or best friend to be with at first, all alone. owh great.

which intake? UTAR - January or May. January is way too early. i haven't enjoy my life enough! but May is way too late. what if i got second batch for NS, i can't escape :(. MMU - March or Jun. 5th of March start and i don't think SPM results is already out. for Jun, that's like so far away.... :(

what should i do? haiz.


Steven Boo said...

UTAR we got lots of bloggers here. HaHa... But I think you will end up in Kampar campus, most of us are in Setapak though.

Well, after my SPM, I left for college in Jan. Why? I was bored.
Seriously, holidays can be boring as well at times. The holiday duration is up to you, and I have seniors who left NS early as they used University as an excuse. Earlier by a month at most.

Well, if you like Maths, you can always try other courses, not necessarily Accounts only, there's Actuarial Science or Applied Maths (both at KL). There's various more but these are the prospective ones that I know (No offense to other courses). You're Penang lang, Maths should be awesome what?

You not necessarily have to wait for actual results, you could always use your trial or forecast.

P.s I used a forecast result for college.

That is if you enter in Jan. Well, it also depends on which NS batch you're in. Better choose it before your pre U. You won't want to miss your lessons or postpone NS right?

Well, that much is all I can come up with. You could get more opinions from more experienced bloggers. All the best.

Hilda Milda™ said...

May or June is never too late. I started mine in July cause I got NS 2nd batch (: I agree with Steven. If you love maths, there's more courses beside accounts. Cause I think accounts are quite common now. All the best!

LuPorTi said...

Planning to take account?

Will you like account? This is an important question to think about.

Anyway, if you choose to take account, and you plan to walk in the 'ordinary way' which means, will be working in audit firm after graduate, the path won't be too easy wo. You need to prepare first.

Nava K said...

You should discover what you are good in before what we like and what we are good at are two different issues. So do make the right decision and as where, I think the money needed is another factor you should consider.

Best of luck in whatever decisions you made.

shii teck said...

if you love math, u may consider about Actuarial Science. Do more survey before make any decision. All the best.

Unknown said...

i'm thinking about taking accounts too :)

Xue Ren said...

Account is so much different than Math u know? I think, better do more research babe. Actuarial science might be a good course if u are a math lover! :D

Camy said...

steven, thanks
Hilda, really??? yea i know. lots more beside accounts, but just feels like taking it :X thanks! :D
Luporti,yea, that's why i am worry that i'll regret. thanks anyway.
Nava, yup. i considered that de. thanks :D
Shiiteck, xue ren, but heard that the subject is super hard. wooo. thansk anyway.
philip, all the best to u then! :D