Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Golden Piggy

Happiness is meaningless when it's not shared,
unexpressed sadness is fearful.

Pig is jolly and fat, which is also symbolic of wealth
so i'm sending this golden piggy to you!
to accompany you,
to share your happiness,
to share your pain with you +).
see! it's coming towards you! =D


Unknown said...

happy piggy piggy day to you~!!

Jam. said...

What a lovely piggy! :)

cutebun said...

Nice photos of piggy!

Leaf said...

Cutie piggy ~=D

Henry Tan said...

cutie piggie! =D

Cassy said...

very cute ;)

crazywrazy said...

Good photography!

Happy walker said...

super agree the statement!!

AJ said...

nicely taken pics Camy.. :)

my genre :

Henry Lee said...

love ur pig shots! :)

Laugh Out Loud said...

How much is the piggy worth?? xD

Anne Lee said...

that piggy is gonna make u wealthy real soon!!

LadyBird said...

hahahaha very nicely said there and same goes with the photography. keep it up! :)

Camy said...

Kian Fai, ahaha! same to u too!
Jam,cutebun, thanks!
Lee,henry tan,cassy it is small and cute!
crazywrazy, thanks
Mr Lonely, yea yea!
AJ,clevermunkey, thanks yea.
laugh out loud, err. no idea leh
anne, i hope so!
ladybird, thanks alot!