Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet My Teddy

Teddy is greeting all Camy's Blog readers!
Welcome to Camy's blog!
Teddy is my First Model! :D
Post 1!
Post 2, when you look me in the eyes :D
Post 3, Teddy is looking at the Big Big World.
Last Post, Teddy supports Canon too! xP
took all these just for fun! xP. isn't the teddy is cute? =D


Aki said...

Teddy was Awesome and Cute.. but not as cute as U.. ^_^.v..

LauraLeia said...

The scarf makes teddy even cuter! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Nice shots and really cute teddy you have there (:

Ken Wooi said...

like its smile :)

Happy walker said...

tadaaa ~~ teddy !! XD

AJ said...

nicely taken photos..
Nikonian here.. :P :)

madammondoq said...

sweetlah ur teddy!!!

Admin said...

Good shot !

Jam. said...

wao, the teddy is so adorable! :D

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

i wanna steal the teddy!

Alan said...

hi camy, long time no c, i just update blog recently..not bad ur photo, try more diff angles :-)

Camy said...

aki, LOLL thanks
laura, yea yea. xP
hilda, thanks! xP
ken, yea. the smile is nice.
mr lonely, ahahahah! TEDDY!
AJ, thanks. woo! nikonian here!
madammondoq,allexz G, ahahaha! thanks
Jam, yea! it's very cute!
kyril D Soul-X, nahhhhh xP kenot!
alan, thanks!

Chiang Kah Yee said...

OMIGOSH! it looks so cuddly and cute! (:

Camy said...

kahyee, ahaha go get one!

Chiang Kah Yee said...

I do have one! unfortunately mine isn't as cute or cuddly :p