Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Hot Topic!

i got a BIG SURPRISE by our goverment.

you have to admit it, i'm too awesome that they must choose me for this program =X
i don't mind going but it's too long till i feel that it's like a waste of time.
my plans after SPM are all gone :'(
let's just hope that i still alive when i'm back *prays*

p/s:i think i should go but toto right now since i'm so lucky =X any number? =D


Stephanie Ee said...

Good luck eh! It will be fun ^^

Unknown said...

you will gain weight after NS, ass will grow bigger! TEHEE!

Pris said...

congrats :DD
I heard the food there can also make you taller. Expect the best! :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Trust me, you're gonna have so much fun there! I was reluctant to go at first, the first two weeks felt like hell but then I didnt wanna go home in the end :P So, CHILLAX!

nicccchang said...

omg. goodluck for your ns! luckily i dint get it. :-S

Camy said...

Stephanie, hope soo
Kian Fai, wa liaoo. cursing ka?
Pris,taller fatter i heard before la =X. LOL thanks for the congratz?
Hilda, awwwww, but too long la T_T
nicc, so niceeeeeeee. i'm jealous of u xP

EeSoon said...

it's a good program.
you will learn a lot there.
have fun~~ :D

Camy said...

EeSoon, haizzzz