Monday, July 11, 2011


Opps. i didn't open the window when i trying the snap a night scene.
This is the result!
somehow i just like it
although it suppose to be a fail picture! but this is ART
IMG_0164 (1)
weee. there's a airplane.
but it looks like UFO. O.o
i assume that's AirAsia =X
Comment about these please?
i will appreciate a lot and please tell me the truth whether is bad onot. thanks

p/s: My First try taking night scene =D and it's the view from my house and i din use tripod. screw me =X


jamie writes said...

whoa! the view is breath-taking! where is it?

Camy said...

Jamie, thanks alot. it's from my house =D

ken said...

looks nice.. good balance of brightness :)

was thinking where is this taken from.. lol

Camy said...

Ken, ahah it was taken from my house le =D

tedrichie said...

its look like a UFO for the second picture... nice pic camy...

Camy said...

tedrichie, thanks =DDD