Monday, December 6, 2010


been working in for the pass 3 days.
sold cameras.
get to play with DSLR but they are not mine.... =(
Pixus the company =)


j said...

oooh are there any awesome freebies? always loved expos..

alvinontherocks said...

Looks like you had fun girl :) Haha, touching the DSLR also quite good addi. Just take advantage to use on that day :p

John said...

where are the pictures of the expo?

Alan said...

y not buy one dslr?

Emily said...

lol ure another DSLR lover

Camy said...

j, not sure. =X
alvin, ahahahahhahaha. yea i did take the advantages.
John, err. dun hv.
Alan, parents dun let =(
emily, yes iam!