Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bye camera =(

yay me for not blogging after so long.
so many things happened.
face a lot different types of people when working.
can't believe that i have the patient to serve a customer for around 2 hours which she ended up made me marry go round.
faced a ridiculous customer that damn unreasonable. scolded me for not giving alot of free gift to him. WTH?!
almost scolded a customer because keep cutting price which is impossible!
now i know the feeling of rejecting those people who give fliers. =X

something wrong with my dad nowadays.
bought new computer, new television, home theater and new cabinets which i don't care much about it.
and guess what happen?
instead of buying me a new camera or DSLR, they lost the only Family CAMERA which i begged so long for it when they went tambun.
how great are them!
of all thing, my camera is the lucky one. haizzz
and my camera not even 1 year old. =(

i did cried and emo the whole day for this small blue box thing.
i'm so in love in photography.
although i always luan for DSLR but i just saja because this camera is enough for me and i know i won't get DSLR.
and now they even lost my camera.
thought that maybe its time for me to get a DSLR since i have a RM100 camera voucher from the camera shop i worked for.
guess what again?
my mom said that don't buy camera anymore and asked me to sell the camera voucher.
how heartbroken is that. @#$%^&*()
should stop blogging now.
talk about this make me moody again. =(
anyone willing to sponsor me DSLR please tell me.


Hilda Milda™ said...

That's so sad ):

Unknown said...

I also looking for sponsor =P

Unknown said...

Owww! I wanna change my camera too ! :O

soulesscloudy said...

earn more at nuffnang.... get a cam then....

bendan said...

Soon will get one, you parent wont bare to see u heartbreak. Cheer up darling. =]

Unknown said...

take it as a chance to get urself a decent dslr! no more crying! start saving!

Buzz said...

I can sponsor u one! hihi

Geogy said...

Cheer up dear~ Always believe in miracle, things might not as worst as you think. Maybe soon you will get yourself a DSLR ler?! Who knows. I'm also looking forward to have one also. Really hope to have it as soon as possible. By the way, keep the voucher for yourself, maybe one day you can use it. :D

TOLANIC said...

I cannot tahan this kind of work. You can! Good! Come I go bully you! =)

Unknown said...

would like to sponser - no money however.

Janessa said...

Aww! That's so sad! My camera's like permanently attached to my hand and to lose it would be like cutting it off.

Camy said...

Hilda, yeaa =(
Kian Fai, chhhehhhh.
yeeing, i dun wan change i wan 1!
cloudy, nuff earning too slow =(
bendan, mummy say dun wna buy de.
Gene, haizz. saving also they dun let me buy.
geogy, i hope soooo. no. the voucher only last for half a year =X
Tolanic, wat u mean kenot tahan this kind of work? O.o
philip, u got mia la xP

Camy said...

Jan, u'r making me jealous =(

TOLANIC said...

You working as a promoter or customer service, aren't you? =)

Xue Ren said...

i dont have camera also =(

Camy said...

Tolanic,promoter laaa
Alien, haizzzzzz

John said...

why need a DSLR? there are billions of ppl out there without a DSLR.