Thursday, July 3, 2014

Let It Out!

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

Sometimes I really wish to turn back to the time where I was surrounded with lots of good friends back in Penang. Those times where we spend most of our times playing, studying and doing stupid stuffs together in school and tuition classes. I feel so sad that most of them are leaving very soon to further their studies. Who else to bring me for good foods when I am back in Penang? :(

It's fun and interesting to meet many different people with different personalities from all around the world. I feel so blessed that I get to meet nice people that bring laughter, accompany me and even help me to go through tough moments.

However, at times I feel very tired too. I have been meeting some weird people lately in this scary, complicated and realistic city. Although I have that 'cincai' personality that I will try my best to compromise and tolerate with every of them, but bear in mind that I have a border line too.

There are people that tends to take others for granted and thinks that everyone should serves them and follows their ways. I don't easily get angry, you should know your limit when I showed you that I was pissed. I understand that everyone has their demanding side, but at the same time, you should respect others' too. You are the not the King nor the Queen, you have no right to command me. I would lend a hand more willingly if you treat me sincerely instead of commanding me. Besides, is not a must for everyone to help you. We will definitely try our best to get alternative ways to help you when you need. I am disappointed that in return, you reward us with your angry face. 

I have also met a friend that is very arrogant. I know you are extremely proud of yourself. You sounds very professional when you talk and most adults like you after communicating with you cause you sounds very knowledgeable. Yes, I gotta admit you know all sort of working stuffs but hey, your social skill is sucks! In fact, I feel very disappointed in you. You never do what you promised. It's fine that you keep showing off about yourself but I hate that you look down on others. Oh, come on, no one is perfect, neither you are. So what of having all sort of knowledge when no one trust you?

Well, just rant over here to express my feelings, avoid myself from autism as I prefer hide my feelings. I'd prefer to rant in this platform than to tell it to others. People come and go. Don't worry although you may think that it's you, I won't hate anyone, cause it is tiring to hate a person and I am too lazy for it.
To everyone, thanks for being part of my life and giving me a life lesson. :D

"Dont regret knowing the people who came into your life, good people give you happiness, bad ones give you experience, the worst ones give you lessons, and the best people gives you memories."

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Happy walker said...

let it go better~ XD

Blackswan said...

Hey, love the new blog layout! Very neat & easy to navigate, Camy :)

ShirleyKeni said...

Who is bullying you??? Let me know, I will let them suffer if I could.... Lai, Keni sayang. Hehe Xp

Unknown said...

we will meet all sorts of people around us, sometime they don't think they are wrong and we ourselves think their attitude got problem
so ya, *sigh* this is reality

Unknown said...

I agree, let it go is better.

Carinn Tan said...

Cheer up dear :) x

Nicole Yie said...

Agree on what you said! I met this kind of people too, just know how to say but when it comes to the moment, they can't do anything. Anyway chill! ;)

Nicole Yie

rebecca said...

Totally agree on what you've said. (y)
Let it go~~ Let it go~~~ (:

Nick said...

steady! just let it go :)

Charmaine Pua said...

Macam-macam kind of ppl in the society... just shun away from those whom you dislike and surround yourself with more good ppl =)

Camy said...

Happy Walker, exactly, thanks so much :D
Shirley, haha i didnt change wor?
Keni, hahaha aikkk :D
AnnTan, exactlyyy, quite horrible
Smartan, thanks :D
Carinn, thankss :D
Nicole, exactlyy, thanks :D
Weiwei, *high5
Nick, thankss :D
Charmaine, agree with u :D