Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pavilion Coffee Homestay Penang

Introducing you Pavilion Cafe 三禾轩!

Cafes serving western foods is too mainstream these days, but Pavilion Cafe serves Taiwanese Asian fusion dishes, coffee and tea Its a relaxing place to chill with friends, or alone for a cup of coffee or tea to read or surf the nets. Guess what? They provide homestay service too! The cafe is located at Lebuh Presgrave, right opposite Kwang Hwa Yit Poh Press Bhd. 


The cafe retains the old architectural style.

Sakura Fried Rice (RM9.90)
Just like the typical fried rice with fried garlic, spring onion and dried shrimp.

Kaffir Lime Chicken (RM9.90)
Deep fried boneless chicken topped with sweet and sour sauce. The chicken is crispy even after topped with the sauce!

Yellow Duck (RM10.90)
Turmeric rice with Japanese curry. Raisins as the eyes and carrot as the mouth of the duck. The curry is not really spicy, instead, it's sweet, just right for me who can't really take too spicy food! Many people was hoping for the floating yellow rubber duck to come Penang. Now, you can find it in Pavilion Cafe! 

Classic Fried Spaghetti with Ham (RM10.90)
It's quite plain and dry to me, it's better to eat with the sauce provided! *i dont really like dry food tho*

Rose Latte Ice (RM9.90)
Latte added with rose syrup. It's one of their signature drink. I personally like this cause the combination of the rose syrup makes the latte taste bittersweet. The petals as decorations on the latte are pretty and it's edible!

Classic Fruit Tea Ice (RM8.90)
Combination of fruits like apple, lemon and passion fruits. I would prefer the taste to be a bit stronger.

Taiwan Pancake served with Apple Vinegar (RM8.90)
A little bit plain to my liking. Try eat it with the apple vinegar provided. I dare not try the apple vinegar with bird's eyes chili cause my friend tried it and he teared! :O

Chinese Steamed Bun with Fried Char Sau (RM10.90)
The fried char sau is slightly salty. However, the fried char sau taste just right with the soft steam bun. The set comes along with 3 steam bun tho.

Java Spice Vege (RM10.90)
Stir fry of long beans, eggplants and winged beans topped with sesame. It's one of my favorite dishes, taste simply yummy :D

Kung Poh Century Egg (RM10.90)
The century egg is very chewy with a little bit sour and spicy. I totally have no idea that it is century egg at first!

Caramel Macchiato Iced (RM9.90)
This taste good too!

Let me show you Magic! See properly, 3 of the drinks is blue in colour right?

Tadahhhh! The middle cup turned purple!
Blue Purple Dream Ice (RM8.90)
Another signature drinks! It is made of butterfly pea flower, also known as blue flower. The colour of the drinks changed from blue to purple after adding a slice of lemon! Very unique indeed! It has medicinal properties! According to Criz Lai, it lowers cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, blood pressure, kidney healths, reduce depression and so on.

Blue Purple Dream Hot (RM10.90)
I personally prefer the hot one tho :D

Pavilion Cafe
Address: 26, Lebuh Presgrave, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 604-261 9366
Business Hours: 11.00am-6.00pm (Monday), 11.30am-10.00pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
GPS: 5.410577,1 00.331431

It was a Ninetology event and I won a Ninetology Powerbank! Woohooo! Thanks to Ninetology!!!

There were a few models of mobiles for us to try out during the food review such as the Ninetology U9R1, U9X1, U9Z1, U9Z1+ and Ninetology Stealth 4X. My preference would be the Stealth 4X as the design is nice and it is dual sim!

Comparison and Pricing please refer to this site:

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Adam said...

cute duck dish

Unknown said...

yellow duck is cute!

Ken said...

Eh... bo jio LOL, nice photos btw ;D

Unknown said...

wah this event really pamper you all with such great food lo!
so lucky ! ((( :

Charmaine Pua said...

I love the classic exterior look! <3

Unknown said...

Sakura Fried Rice macam very yummyyyy :pppp
so sad I was not able to attend. :/

Yuh Jiun said...

the yellow duck is so cute! haha :P bring me next time teehee

Mindy Fan said...

I love the look of restaurant on the inside and wow, the presentation of the food is very well!
The yellow duck is adorable and that fruit tea is calling me name hehe!

Camy said...

Adam, exactlyyy! :D
Smartan, cute rightt haha
Ken, apa bo jiooo. u ppk hahha
Ann, i agreeeee!
Charmaine, i like it too! :D
Kharn Yee, yeah lor. cannot see u
Yuh Jiun, kiaaaa
Mindy,hahahah agreee with u! :D

Unknown said...

Yes, yellow ducky too cute! Haha!

NatashaTing said...

I always have second thoughts about cafes that serve mains. No idea, personal.

the rose latte is an interesting twist though.

Camy said...

Smartan, exactly
Natasha, it depends tho, cause sometimes there are big eater that can eat mains all the time, i think :P

Unknown said...

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