Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blicon Elegance Crystal Grey at

Spot any differences?
Finally I can slack a little and spend some time here after those heavy-subjects tests and completing some assignments parts. I swear business law is a killing subject and I really dislike it! *want me memorise so much, siao mehhh*. It's already more than a month I didnt get to go back Penang. Imma homesick :(. I miss those people in Penang and Penang FOOD!!! Going back next week and I am prepared to annoy my friends bring me to go have good food!

So, do you miss me??? I miss my blog badly. :(

Back to the topic,
If you ask me which part of my face I Love the most, let me tell you, My Eyes :D. Imma thankful to my parents for giving me such nice eyes. *muacks muacks*. Sadly, I've got short slightness since Form 1, so i got to rely on spectacles. After begging my mom for quite some times, she finally gave me the permission to wear contact lenses. Nowadays I wear colourless contact lens, if you see me spectacles-less. I wanted to try on colour lens badly, but people kept scaring me about the disadvantages of wearing colour lens. How it affects our eyes and blah blah blah ................... 

Thanks to, I get to try on safe and quality colour lens now!

"GlassesOnline offers you a wide variety of leading glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses brands for men and women. Our product range includes designer brands such as Ray Ban, Prada, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. 100% original, authentic brands. We deliver all our products for free at your door and ensure their authenticity and best price in the market."

Indeed they are very efficient. I received my lens few days after I confirmed my order! Not forgetting their friendly customer service, very patient to answer my questions by email. *thumbs up

Its a 3 months disposable soft cosmetic colour lens. They are selling at only RM49!

Diameter : 14.2mm and Base Curve : 8.6mm.

Blincon has 3 main cosmetic lens series such as Classic, Jazzy and Elegance. Honestly, at first I totally got no idea which to pick. I like so many of them :X

In case you forget how I look with Spectacles. :/
So prepare to see me transform now? :P *in another words, full of vain photo! but dont click on X cause you can get some good offer below the post!!!*

So what do you think?? nice? suit me? weird? Tell me!!!

Somehow, i feel that I look like a doll in this photo. :X
the lens are comfy tho :D

cause #girlsbeinggirls :D

dont wear contact lens? It's alright, cause also sell various glasses and sunglasses with the best prices too!

Told ya not to click X!
To all my beloved readers, here's a special discount for you! 
You get to enjoy RM20 off with minimum purchase of RM100 on any product (contact lenses, sunglasses or glasses) by coding "GOcamy20". You can start shopping now! :D

Dont forget to check out their Facebook Page too!

For more information, please visit and
Tel : 03-2035 5586

stay tune for more updates :D

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Anne Lee said...

I thought you all the while wearing colourless lens. Saw the sentence "begging my mom for quite some times, she finally gave me the permission to wear contact lenses."

Wann said...

Used to wear Blincon but now switch to other brand for daily con since I rarely wear contact lens now.

I like the patterns on Blincon, can make you look sexy and wild. haha

Constance Ant said...

i donno how to wear contact lens!.. :(

LauraLeia said...

The contact lenses make ur eyes look bigger yet very natural! :D

Ken said...

business law should be okay what! take those cases like stories and u will find it very amusing :D

Unknown said...

I thought you are going to design path. Anyway, all the best in degree!

You look better with colour lens. Colour lens that have brand is safer and better. I dare not to wear those from blogshop, fb page or pasar malam, I only buy from shop.

Gillian Ong said...

Ahh you look lovely with the lenses. I used to use Blincon but now kinda lazy :p

Henry Tan said...

wowwww with lens!! looks different ad! haha

Fione said...

you look good with the lens babe :DD very pretty eyes

Blackswan said...

Very nice natural colours! Lovely :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I chose blincon's one too, still waiting for them to arrive :s but even without lens, your eyes are alrdy so pretty and big HEHE

Life's like this ♥ said...

You look really good!! Makes me feel like trying Blincon too hahaha

Unknown said...

oh wow! your eyes become really big after that! but sad to say, ) : i have no guts to wear contact lenses at all. cuz i heard a lot of cases and i didn't dare to put it on/

Amy said...

So pretty! Now, I wish I can find these lenses in the States. :) Cute!

Camy said...

Anne, heheheh edited liao :P
Evelyn, reallyyy? Bilicon really looks nice lu
Constance, come i teach u :P
Laura, thankssss :D
Ken, nooooo! me no likey :(
Kharn Yee, no laa. all the while taking accounting. but Bilicon is safe tho :D
Gillian, thanks my dear, if eyes no power better dont wear arr :X
Henry, hohoho bigger eyes :D
Fione, thanks pretty :D
Shirley, thanks yeaaa :D
Lizzle, thanksss u shouldd try!!
Ann, if u got no eye power then better dont wear leee. :X
Amy, states dont have? thanks anyway :D

cindy said...

it look good on you!!!!!!

Camy said...

Thanks Cindy :D