Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! 
it's me and my zodiac! :D

Sorry for the late wish, didnt update my blog cause i was back to my hometown, all the way in Seremban and Kedah, which have no Internet Connection for me to online and blog. Lazy to on my laptop too cause too tired travelling so far.

pretty decoration in Pavillion.

with my pretty cousin from Singapore.
nothing special for CNY this year. Everything goes on as usual this year. Except we went back to Kedah much earlier than before, which was on the Second day of CNY.

this naughty little cousin totally addicted with angry bird and love to use the phrase "I Angry". oh don't ever mess with him.

my cute little sista.

Younger Sister of that naughty little cousin.

She walks away like a boss when she got angry. Imagine her with cartoon voice screaming NO!

It takes 3 days for us to get close to her. @@

finally can see her smile.

the dad of that little girl trying to photobomb. 

imma jealous my bro got such cute photo with her!


with the BEH family. Mommy side

Manage to return to Penang to meet up with primary schoolmates and visit my primary class teacher on the 6th day.  Sharing those little kids memories and lots of funny class stories that teacher didn't know at all cause we got too much different conflicts in the class. How funny was it.

imma single for this year Valentine's Day. So how's ur celebration people? Wishing all couples happy always, less fight and more lovely. For single, may you can find your MR/MRS RIGHT as soon as possible. :)

test and assignments coming up. Imma slack too much this sem. Time to settle down, get over with those CNY mood and concentrate. All the best Camy! :D


Ken said...

ooh what a fruitful CNY! Mine was too boring, all i remember was just sleep... sleep... and sleep!

Anne Lee said...

wah, you travel up and down. very interesting CNY huh. Happy Snake Year!!

FiSh said...

i am waiting for a memorable valentines' day too :) happy being single!

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Charmaine Pua said...

Happy CNY! Your celebration is sooo fun!

Blackswan said...

Happy CNY & belated V-Day, sweetie! Did u collect lots & lots of ang pows??

Camy said...

Ken, mine was boringg. ahhaha sleep and be pig!
Anne, yeaaa. everyyear must do :X u too!
Fish, thanksss! u too yea!
Charmaine hahaha thanks! Happy CNY too!
Shirley, err not so bad la :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

Hope we'll find our Mr Right soon hahaha or maybe enjoy being single first (x Happy CNY, again!

Camy said...

hahahah! yes! i've been celebrating single for more than 1 and half year de haha