Friday, November 16, 2012

Siao GinaS Around

 Holidays are always the best. :D
 Mummy cooked my all time favorite soup, ABC soup for lunch! :D

hung out with Xiao Wei and Kean Hin.
It's a super bad idea to have 3 super cincai people in the same car, we totally couldn't decide where to go at all. 
From Sungai Dua to Batu Lanchang area to fetch our Xiao Wei, then aimlessly just follow the way. Until we found ourselves were on the way to Gurney Plaza, then we decided to purposely pass by there for fun then to 1st Avenue, we reached 1st Avenue then decided to go to Queensbay Mall. 
Finally sat at Borders and talked for at least 3 hours.
That was a super siao plan, no idea to call it a hang out or round Penang but it's fun tho! :D those screaming and talks.
Suppose to drop Xiao Wei home and meet up with other friends for dinner at LK Western, but we made her to see her house for twice but just couldn't go home and the only choice is to follow us for dinner. ;)
anyway, Penangites should try out at LK Western, double thumbs up for them :)

watched Skyfall yesterday with family
i can't believe my first time watching late movie is with family 10.55pm!

i still prefer city fills with lights and noise at night than quiet village.

gonna meet my highschool mates later! :D
back to kampar tomorrow :(


Anne Lee said...

I'll go mad especially if I'm the driver and there's no firm decision where to go..

Henry Tan said...

so niceee! i havent watch! =(

and i shall try the LK western! =D

Unknown said...

i havent watch skyfall yet...hmmph..;(

Wann said...

I like Skyfall...hehe

Camy said...

Anne,haha me too actually. but that was just for fun :D
Henry, go watch go watch. a lil boring la :X yes go try LK western!
Lim Eunice, go watchh! quite nice! :D
Evelyn, i like the ending part hahaa