Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suicidal person is DUMB!

Honestly, i very admire those people who suicide.
Do you know how much courage they need to have to do that?
readers, i bet you wouldn't do that. *unless you'r abnormal*
nowadays newspaper is full with news of people jump off the building because of matters.
and you can see their family will be crying like hell, sad of their leaving.
don't they feel very irresponsible leaving everything just like that?
don't they feel dumb to give up the whole forest just because of a tree?
did they even try to save back the relationship?
isn't that relationship can be save back?
isn't it's much more better looking at the good side instead of dying just like that?
there are uncountable things that we haven't do.
there are uncountable things that we can achieve in the future.
they leave the world just like that.
BUT did they know that the people surrounding them will be sad?
did they even care for others feeling?

Owh well, it's just a thought of my mind =).
Readers, if you thinks of want to suicide, please come find me.
if you dare to let me chop ur head of, then go ahead.
if you don't even dare, shoooo. don't ever think of that =)


Henry Tan said...

haha. perhaps it is easy to say, hard to do? I guess we shouldn't judge them but rather be more concern about them, so that they won't have to choose that last option. =)

Kmin said...

Haha, nice one! then promise yourself you wouldnt do that!

Isaac Tan said...

think of the family u leave behind. enuf said. :)

Unknown said...

Yeah like Alvis Kong, he wasted his life :(

Unknown said...

Well, it's silly that people will end their own life for just a little small thing =/

Camy said...

agree agree =)

Happy walker said...