Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazyness!! Gahhhh

Skool reopen 4 2 weeks de.
sorry 4 the super late update.. =S
so u cant blame me xP
i'm in 4Bestari. which i dun reali lyk it.
Beside Mich n both Dhars. no more close friend in tat class =(
class teachers r SUCK!!!
joined St.John & Ing Club & Permainan Dalaman.
St John was super bored... kawad kawad kawad. Owh! i HATE tat!!!!
Permainan Dalaman kinda fun bcos the whole gang were there =D
we used master mind 2 play Wang Besar O.o Awesome ryt? xD
Ttns r getting more.. =S
bm, add maths, bio, phy, chem, acc
if i take bi ttn summore. OMG i gonna use up all 7 days man O.o
hv 2 do hw summore. Bye. =D

Hope tat tis year will be a Better year

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