Saturday, August 29, 2009

Awesome Bufday

its the most important day of the year for me.. 29 Aug..
even i'm ady 15 years.. my parents never held a party 4 me.. normally.. i'll syok myself on 29 Aug every year =.=
n so.. i never expect anything from them as usual n trial juz right after tat weekend..
the day be4.. my parents brought me 2 tis fishing village - Kuala Sepetang 2 hv seafood =)
ate my favourite crab. fish n alot more ^^
on tat day morning..
mom brought me 2 Pisa Food Fair bcos Sam gave me RM20 coupon as my bufday present.. such an unique present..
bought a pizza tat cost RM10 there then one ice cream n few childish stuff.. xP

after came back from ttn at 6 sumthing..
tot we'll be goin out 2 eat bcos my aunty n uncle came 2 visit us from KL.
since no one using comp.. of cuz i wont let other ppl take tat opportunity =)
suddenly.. there's sum unusual light at the corridor.. for sure it caught my attention n i turn my head 2 c cuz the corridor still dark since is not 7p.m.. *F.y.i. the comp is near 2 the door*
He was standin at the door wif a chocolate bufday cake n lighted candle..
then other's head coming out one by one from the side.. the scene is lyk the cartoon movie when others wanna curi c wat's goin on at the door there.. juz the head n u cant c the body..
i got so shock n stared at them for a long long while..
feel lyk go n close the wooden door n ignore those crazy ppl doin crazy stuff outside..
after a long while staring at them.. was awake by my mom cuz she ask me 2 jemput them go in the house...
when they'r singin bufday song 4 me..
i was so nervous.. i dunno wat 2 do cuz it's the 1st time so many ppl sing bufday song 4 me..
their tradision =.=
chocolate cake <3
group pic..
family pic..
went 2 the garden 2 eat there...

yay!! Present present present!!!
its time 4 me 2 cut the cake..
mom's help after tat..
cuz i reali dunno how 2 cut cake... its been so long tat i din cut my own cake de.. summore tat time when i was small..
*f.y.i.. i juz cut 4 one senget line.. other's not i cut wan..*

mosquito love them.. xP
went back 2 my house bcos its raining..
guys cabut bcos they cant stand my uncle tembak them lot..
met them at ground floor n off 2 pasar malam..
jalan jalan de then tesco..
tze siang versus gaik sim.. brother versus sister.. LOL
after tat.. wei yi suggest 2 go the back lane of my house there..
walk walk walk.. weng tatt suddenly say its Ghost festival.. then got scared by the dogs there..
then patah balik..
stop at sumwhere at the back there..
then seperate liao..
gaik sim went 2 pasar malam 2 buy drinks wif tze siang..
wei yi n lam hilang diri..
zoe n wy standing n the side there talkin..
me n him at the other side <3
after half n hour or more.. we walked back..
waiting 4 her dad 2 come..

after she went back..
went 2 the garden 2 meet wif gaik sim n tze siang..
talk talk talk until 11 sumthing..then story end.. LOL

be4 tat.. i actually suspected them when sumone phoned my mom..
i've heard wat my mom said 2 my dad n while she listening 2 the phone..
half an hour be4.. wei yi asked 4 my mom's number wif the reason tat open troop need it. -.- where got so tepat wan..
asked them.. all buat x tau.. then i forget abt it..
when we met them at pisa.. gaik sim n wei yi went 2 talk 2 my mom n caryn was trying 2 block me.. isn't its obvious?

still thx alot 2 those who involve..
love u guys! ♥ ♥

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