Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prefect Camp. Day 1

finally i got the mood 2 blog about my prefect camp......
let me blog abt Day 1 1st... (24/4/09 Friday)
let the pics talk lar...

Tis is where we went......... PLKN Bukit Besar, Kulim.. [[Pusat Latihan Kidmat Negara]]
*well.. its actually the place they prepare for visitor.. we juz walk pass n hv activity at the real wan onli...*
reach there about 9 sumthing in the morning... the persons there who gonna lead us 4 tis 2 days introduced themselves..
one man one lady.. forget the name de.. xD
after introduced themselves n the place..
the man seperated us for the dorm..... thx god priveena wanna changed dorm wif me.. =D so i got 2 be wif jodene n jia ying! wee~
next. he divided us into 6 groups..

*point 2 the guy* tat's the fella!!!

damn hot man!!!! under the sun for abt 1 hour!!!!

after tat.. the fella sent us group by group 2 hv breakfast.
omg... the food there real sucks man!!!!!! kuih lapis is one of my favourite food.. bt there wan.. omg... one word 2 describe.. SUCKZ!!!!!!

put bag outside the dorm de then went to the hall..
the fella gv speech 1st...
when the lady's turned... suddenly rain cats n dogs..
all the gurlz ran 2 take their bag n went in the dorm... choosed a bed then back 2 hall again...
continued wif the lady's speech..
then sum games...
lyk.. telefon berkarat.
then the birth month thingy.. lame game..
then the muslims went 2 pray bcos it was friday..
then lunch...
i din eat much 4 the lunch.. dun feel lyk eating also...
they prepared curry. fish. ikan masin. n vege.. euuuuu..
n the water was diluted sarsi.. taste lyk........i dunno wat 2 say..
juz ate sum 2 feel the stomack...
owh yeah.. one thing..
the corverage there.. damn LAME!!!!!! hardly contact mom also...

after tat.. went back 2 dorm.. hv a rest. =)

after tat........ walked 4 sum distance 4 kayaking.. weee~

finally reach tat lake... *can u c the flying fox string???*
a pelatih came.. lectured us a while.. then started wif guys...
he wanted us 2 swim backwards from one side 2 another side 2 make sure tat we noe how if we fall in the lake..
the lake is lyk kuali type wan.. so the middle part is dangerous.. n its abt 1 lamp post deep...

after the guys swam one by one.. they started 2 kayak..
same goes 2 the gurlz 4 the 2nd round..
bcos jodene din get the live jacket from the guys. so we waited 4 the 3rd round wif caryn n zara n another 4 malays gurlz which i forget who..
n Yay! 3rd round no need swim!!! wee~
owh yeah.. noe wat... the whole lake only 4 kayak! tat's fun!!! can go anywhere we lyk =)

be4 we came up.. the guys started rakit.. 10 ppl at once!!

go ppl go!!!! can u spot me???? nvm.. let's zoom...

watever.. juz click n enlarge lar.. LOL! its fun bt tiring..

the flying fox tat i mentioned juz now start from here!!!!!! its so amazing!!!!!
2 bad.. i dunno y we dun hv tis activity D:
after tat we went back 2 our dorm..
Muslims go pray..
we got sum time 2 kemaskan diri.. n we vain in the dorm xP

lala post. xDDDD
went 2 the canteen hv dinner.. rest a while again..
there's came another pelatih...
actually wanted 2 do jungle trekking.. bt bcos the rain 2 heavy de..
so we do sum indoor game..
he gave us 8 pin n a bowl.. as us 2 make 6 of the pin float..
out group was the 1st wan who finish! Wee~
after tat.. rain nt tat teruk de..
so we played sungai acid at the tapak perhimpunan..
we get 4 maps n 11ppl hv 2 be in the map all the while mux cross the distance given..
our group end up tore one of the map... n dibatalkan.. pity us.....
Then.. they took us sumwhere.. sent us ONE BY ONE at abt 11p.m... its sumthing call BURUNG HANTU..
i was so scare wei..................
n i almost cry.....
u ask me do watever dangerous also i wont scare bt go sumwhere alone.. summore in the dark..... at tat time.... NO WAY!!!!!!!!! tat i scare n hate the MOST!.......
end up.. i went wif Jia Ying.. i hold the hand damn tight wei.... n thx her 4 calming me down...
then eugene joined..
1stly the started wif the scary sounds when we pass by.....
after tat shiva joined us....
eugene n shiva can c the ghost!! i mean "Ghost" at the side..
then me n jia ying got scared by the white "Ghost" even they told us there is sumone near by bcos we cant c..
then almost the end there weng yee n kisho catch up...
after got scared.. we walked back 2 the hall..
guess wat.. they made us walk on the broken glass...
its lyk walkin on the stone ne~ xP
bt one of the prefect's got cut...
then blah blah blah. the person say he did tis activity for few years de n its the 1st time got ppl got cut.. then blame himself he careless lar. tis n tat..
until abt 2am onli he let us go back 2 the dorm..
prepared. then gossip wif jodene till abt 2 sumthing almost 3am onli slept..
i cant sleep well wei...
noises all around..
frog wan. birds wan. insects wan..
omg..damn noisy.. once they changed voice i woke up once. stupid!
-1st day End-

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