Saturday, October 11, 2008

TaGgEd bY ZoE n PaK...

1.what is your fav. chocolate?
aLl dA cHoCoLaTe!!! Bt dUn wAn gT MiX wAt fRuIt dE...

2.what are your 3 fav colours?
PuRpLe... bLuE... bLaCk

3.who is the last person you talked to?
My SiS... ShE n Me iS dA OnLi aT HoMe..

4.Who is the last person u msged?
sWeE hOn?

5.who was the first person u talked to when u woke up today?
mY bRo... He's da OnLi aT HoMe WiF Me 2...

6.who is the first person u msged when u woke up today?
No 1.. many msges did u receive when u woke up today?
No mSg..

8.who msged u when u woke up today?
No 1 LoR...

9.who do u wanna talk to now?
HiM~ aLaA... u aLl rEaLi BeLiEvE i gT HiM aRr??? Hahax...

10.who do u wanna see right now
HiM... [[iF u BeLiEvE]]

11.why do u wanna see that person now?
CuZ i LuRvE HiM =)

12.what is your relationship with that person u wanna see now?
hMm... dUnNo???

13.if u could hug someone now, who would it be?
HiM xD

14.what are u doing now?
u r AsKiN sTuPiD qUeS... Of CuZ dOiN TiS tAgGeD LaR..

15.what colour is the shirt you're wearing now?

16.are u attached?
mAyBe?? HaHax..

17.anyone u like?

18.who do u like?
HiM.. [[wHiCh i DuNnO wHO's TaT...Hahax..]]

19.what phone are u using?
LaMe wAn... NoKiA 2100... >.< much money do u have in ur wallet now?
sTuPiD MeH... TeLl u dE LtR u CoMe CuRi... xD Jk LaR... nT MoRe tHaN 5.. xDDD

21.what do u love looking at?

22.who is the last guy u hugged?
zOe KuA... i 4gEt dE...

23.if u can choose to do something now, what would u do?
eArN LoT oF $$ ^^ are u feeling now?

25.if u could turn back time 3 times, when will it be?
hMm~ i DuNnO~

26.who/what are you thinking of?
HiM n $$$$$$ n i CaN dO wAt i WaN...

27.what are the 3 things u want to forget?
aLl Da SaD mOmEnTs...

28.who makes u happy?
My fRiEnDs!!!

29.what is next to you?
hMm~ mY HP???

30.last show u watched?
LuRvE GuRu~ many people are u talking to now?
1 LaR...

32.if u can change something in ur life, what would it be?
mY LeGs... u have pets?

34.what do u feel like eating now?
cHeEsY WeDgEs...

35.who are the 7 people u tag?
CaMiLlE A.K.A MrS wEnG TaTt
n U!!!


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