Saturday, September 27, 2008

GeO TiMe~

TiS TiMe LaGi gEnG~
mY cLaSs MaKe TiLl MUTHU CRY!!!!
sEe PrOpErLy!!! MUTHU CRY MAN!!!
cAnT BeLiEvE rYt~
wHeN He 1sT CoMe iN 2 My cLaSs...
hE aSk My cLaSs StUdEnT 2 gO MaThS Lab...
bT We DuN CaRe HiM...
wHeN He sTaRtEd 2 AnGrY... hE sAy If dUn gO~ He WiLl sAy We PoNtEnG cLaSs...
sUm Of tHeM wEnT~
bT sTiLl LeFt LoT oF sTuDeNt In cLaSs...
tHeN SuDdEnLy aDrIaN sTaNd uP n sAy~ [[TeAcHeR!! DuN gO LaR... wE hV 2 Do oUt SeNi pRoJeCt!! Hv 2 PaSs uP 2dAy!! pLz TeAcHeR!!! ]]
hE WoNdEr a wHiLe... tHen He sAy OkAy laR...
[[u aLl sO LyK 2 dO uR pRoJeCt tHeN sTaY In cLaSs LaR... tHeN aSk 1 PpL gO cAll Da sTuDeNt wHo gO dE...]]
By TaT TiMe... He sOuNd LyK cRyIn kAy~
tHeN hE wEnT 2 tOiLeT dE...
aZeEm ThEY aLl wAs LyK sTaNdIn oUt SiDe dA cLaSs n LoOk aT HiM~
tHeY sAiD He cRiEd MaN!!!
n rEaLi~
hE sOuNd LyK cRyIn~
My cLaSs gEnG LeH~
MaKe UnTiL a MaN cRy!!!
oWH yA~
SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa 2 aLl dA MuSlIm!!!
HaPi HoLiDaY 2 EvERyOnE!!!


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